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AngelChest Minecraft Plugin

Last modified on Dec 4, 2023 in plugins

mc head By Dalton Whalen


As you play through vanilla Minecraft, you are constantly having to avoid danger to stay alive. While survival mode does not have a harsh death penalty like in hardcore, having your dropped items despawn can be discouraging for anyone who experiences it. Thankfully, this issue is solved with AngelChests, a Minecraft plugin that adds death chests to hold the loot of players who met an unfortunate end. These are protected with a timer, preventing the items from being stolen by players or despawning on the ground. The plugin can also be entirely customized, allowing you to adjust the timer, in-game messages, and much more. Adding plugins to your server is simplified with Apex Hosting, so we have created this tutorial to help you get started.

AngelChest Download

  1. Navigate to the AngelChest Spigot page.
  2. Press the blue Download Now button in the top-right.
    AngelChest Download
  3. Save the .jar file to a safe location, as it will be needed shortly.


Note: While the latest AngelChest download should work for 1.14 and up, a legacy 1.12.2 download can be found here. This version will no longer be supported by the developer, so keep that in mind if choosing this version.

AngelChest Legacy Download


Server Installation

  1. Navigate to your Apex server panel, then stop the server.
  2. Scroll down to the Game File section and open the dropdown menu.
  3. Ensure you are running a plugin-compatible version, such as PaperMC or Spigot.
    AngelChest Version
  4. Afterwards, enter the FTP File Access in the left-hand menu, then log in.
  5. Locate and enter the plugins folder, then press Upload in the top-left.
  6. Drag + drop the plugin .jar file into the right-hand side.
    AngelChest Upload
  7. Once uploaded, return to the main panel page and restart the server.


Getting Started

AngelChest Message

By default, AngelChest will automatically work for all players without any additional configuration. When a player dies, a message will appear in chat providing a notification about the chest’s creation and its location within your world.

Your AngelChest

AngelChest Example

Upon an AngelChest’s creation, important information will be displayed above it for all players to see. This includes who the chest belongs to, how they died, and a timer. As long as the timer is counting down, your chest will be protected. If it runs out, the chest will disappear, dropping your items on the ground like normal.

To obtain your items, simply right-click your chest. This will immediately add the items directly into your inventory, keeping them safe, which can be helpful if you died around lava or other dangerous areas.


While the plugin will entirely function out-of-the-box, there are also numerous adjustments you can make to the plugin.

  1. From the Apex panel, enter the FTP File Access like previously.
  2. Navigate through the /plugins/AngelChest/ directory.
  3. Find your desired .yml file, then press Edit to the far-right.
    AngelChest Edit
  4. Make your necessary adjustments to the file.
  5. Afterwards, press Save at the top and then restart your server.


Config.yml File Adjustments

AngelChest Configuration

While there are many files that can be adjusted, the main one is the config.yml file. This is where you can change the behavior of the plugin as a whole, including the timer, messages, and more. Almost every setting has a comment describing its use, so we recommend reading up on a setting before changing it. Some notable settings include:

angelchest-duration – The timer for the chest in seconds. This is set to 600 seconds (10 minutes) by default.

max-allowed-angelchests – The maximum number of AngelChests a player can have activated at a time before the oldest one disappears.

drop-contents-when-expired – Whether or not items are dropped or are deleted once a chest timer expires.

allow-angelchest-in-pvp – Whether an AngelChest will generate if a player is killed by another player. Enabled by default.

show-location – Whether a chat message will appear to provide the location details of the AngelChest.

Notable Commands and Permissions

N/Aangelchest.useSpawns an AngelChest upon a player’s death.
N/Aangelchest.protectProtects the AngelChest from other players.
/unlockangelchest.unlockUnlocks your existing AngelChests for other players.
/acinfoN/ADisplays information about your active AngelChests.
/actpangelchest.tpAllows you to teleport yourself to your AngelChest.
/acfetchangelchest.fetchTeleports your AngelChests to yourself.
/acreloadangelchest.reloadReloads the config for the plugin.



With that, you now know how to install AngelChests and get started with the plugin. It is very helpful that the plugin works without any extra configuration, as server owners can keep it simplistic or entirely customize its behavior. This is taken further will all of the other .yml files, which can change the listed cause of death, prevent certain items from being protected, and much more. If you have an economy plugin, you can even set a custom price for teleporting to an AngelChest. Overall, AngelChests has many options for you to explore on your server and is especially helpful for those that are prone to dying and losing their items over and over. With this new information, you are ready to install AngelChests and continue your Minecraft survival adventures.

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