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All the Mods 9 Server Hosting

Posted: Mar 27, 2024 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young

Using mods to customize your Minecraft server opens the door to endless possibilities! Whether you prefer technology, magic, extra dimensions, or other features – there’s always something for you. Finding all the mods you want can be time-consuming, as thousands are available online. Fortunately, there is a modpack known as All the Mods 9 that has everything. This pack has 400+ mods and guarantees you’ll have a truly unique experience in Minecraft. Grab friends and embark on grand adventures across different dimensions, unlocking machines, using magic, and exploring various biomes with hidden dungeons scattered around. Let’s learn more about the All the Mods 9 modpack and how you can set up a dedicated server, today!

All the Mods 9 Modpack for Minecraft

Due to all the new features and content introduced with All the Mods 9, we’ll summarize everything you need to know about this Minecraft modpack. Remember, there is magic, technology, unique dimensions, tons of ores, items, blocks, biomes, and more. Let’s begin.

Overworld Biomes
ATM 9 Modpack Overworld Biomes
ATM 9 Modpack Overworld Biomes

As you begin exploring the Overworld, many unique and different biomes appear all over the place. These include large pine forests, towering icy lands, granite deserts, mystical badlands, and many others. In some cases, you might stumble upon multiple biomes merging together to form wild results. Continue discovering the hundreds of areas in this world, as one of them might be perfect for your home! Otherwise, find suitable locations for resources and mining operations – as the underground holds even more secrets.

Structures & Dungeons
ATM 9 Modpack Structures
ATM 9 Modpack Structures

Players will eventually notice buildings or structures in the Overworld during their adventures, including new villages, towers, hidden dungeons, and more. Some of these areas of interest might even be dangerous, as some could hold monster spawners! Whether you want to focus on loot or finding the perfect spot for a base, the randomly generated structures from All the Mods 9 provide you with those opportunities. We strongly recommend searching the Overworld for them, especially deep underground since even more spawn there too.

Tech, Magic, Item Loot
ATM 9 Modpack Features
ATM 9 Modpack Features

There is a never-ending supply of ores, materials, craftable items, and lootable treasures in All the Mods 9. These range from weapons, armor, technologies, magical tools, ingots, food, potions, and more. Build automatic machines with the Create mod or find high-tier powers with Apotheosis. Some examples include rare weapons with combat abilities, armor with flight, seamless crafting with factories, along with countless others.

New Dimensions
ATM 9 Modpack Dimensions
ATM 9 Modpack Dimensions

Tired of the Overworld? Consider making a Nether or Aether portal – offering you a whole new dimension of possibilities. There are several of these that you can create and use accordingly. All of them have their own custom biomes, structures, mobs, and loot. All the Mods 9 modpack for Minecraft provides you with not only an endless amount of items, creatures, or dungeons – but rather many different worlds to conquer. Don’t forget about these dimensions since they can make your gameplay last longer, especially with friends!

Host Your Own All the Mods 9 Server

Before you and your friends can join All the Mods 9, you must first purchase a Minecraft server from us by visiting here – if you don’t already have one. Afterward, you can follow the instructions below to quickly get this modpack installed. This process will only take a few minutes!

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate and click the Game File area.
  2. Proceed to type “All the Mods 9” and select it in the options list.
    ATM 9 Modpack Server Hosting
  3. Continue to click Change Version, Create New World, and Restart Now.
    ATM 9 Modpack Server Hosting
  4. Wait for the modpack to load, then install it on your CurseForge launcher.
  5. Once that’s finished, you can join the server with the IP Address:Port.


All the Mods 9 FAQ

What Minecraft version is for All the Mods 9 modpack?

All the Mods 9 modpack for Minecraft is for Forge 1.20 and 1.20.1. Future updates might include higher versions, but this is unlikely due to the high volume of mods.

Why can’t I load All the Mods 9 in Minecraft?

Due to the 400 mods in the modpack, players must allocate memory to their launcher. We encourage you to set this to 7-10 GB of RAM but use caution when exceeding our suggestion. This also helps with in-game lag but might be unavoidable due to unstable versions.

Is it possible to customize All the Mods 9?

Yes! You can add or remove mods from the modpack, including editing files to personalize your experience. All of this can be found in your server settings.

Start Your Minecraft Server

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