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Meet OwengeJuiceTV

OwengeJuiceTV is a fantastic Twitch streamer who writes and develops stories in Minecraft! By tie-ing in pre-recorded cinematics with live role-playing. So far I have written stories for the One-Try-SMP and The Outsiders-SMP. They also complete long-term hardcore challenges. Beating The Wither by spawning in and never leaving The Nether. Beating the Dragon without leaving the End. Be sure to check them out and even get a chance to play with them on Hypixel!

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Servers and Communities

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Meet PokePlay

PokePlay’s goal is to create any and all experiences you would want with Pixelmon, from a full Survival server to custom adventure servers that are designed to be recreations of the Gameboy games.

PokePlay’s server is run by a growing staff team that have years of Pixelmon server experience and continue to expand their team knowledge by bringing the most dedicated Pixelmon players to provide the best feedback to what players want in a Pixelmon server.

Go and check out the server yourself and enjoy playing recreations of past and present Pokemon games with their own little twists and hidden easter eggs, quests, and more.

Game Modding Software

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Drehmal: PRIMORDIAL is a massive, one-of-a-kind Minecraft survival/adventure map with a heavy emphasis on exploration. Featuring fantastical custom biomes, unique weapons with incredible abilities, thirteen custom villages, towns, and cities, over 400 loot-filled structures, new advancements, special traders, tons of dungeons, a fast travel system, and a nonlinear main quest.

Drehmal: PRIMORDIAL takes what makes Minecraft so great and brings it to the next level.

While most maps strive for realism or taking directly from our real world, Drehmal aims instead for fresh, unique, and sometimes whimsical terrain. The survival gameplay experience is the top priority in Drehmal, ensuring that your time with the map will always be fun. This isn’t just a survival map with some extra features, though…

Drehmal: PRIMORDIAL is a fresh experience that provides much more depth to basic Survival gameplay.

Education & Schools

Minecraft Schools and Education Opportunities

Meet Gloucester County Library

The Gloucester County Library System (GCLS) is a group of individual and interdependent libraries that cooperate through a central administrative body to provide a wide range of library services for eligible patrons. Sharing resources enables members of the system to provide more cost-effective and technologically sophisticated services than any could provide operating alone.

The GCLS staff is responsible to a five-member library commission, which is appointed by the Gloucester County Board of County Commissioners. Funds for system services are provided by the member municipalities through a dedicated library tax. Of the 24 municipalities in Gloucester County, these 14 currently belong:

  • Harrison Twp.
  • Clayton
  • South Harrison Twp
  • E. Greenwich Twp
  • Logan Twp
  • Swedesboro
  • Newfield
  • Elk Twp
  • Mantua Twp
  • Woodbury Hgts
  • Elk Twp
  • Glassboro National Park
  • Woolwich Twp
  • Greenwich Twp