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Our Partners

As a leader in the Minecraft Hosting community, we have had the pleasure of interacting with some of the greatest people in the world related to Minecraft. Whether it’s our partnership with the World’s original modpack developer Technic or our passion for Minecraft education and code with Youth Digital, you know we are here to provide the best possible environment for you, your family, and friends. Below is a collection of our premier partnerships developed over the years we’ve been in this field. We know you will love them as much a we do.

Technic Platform

A long time ago in a form far far away the Minecraft Modding community was born. Amongst the early adopters was a man who stood apart by producing the first modpack launcher known today as the Technic Launcher. Their modpacks are some of the communities favorites. From the original Yogscast and Big Dig, to the insanely popular Hexxit, Tekkit, Attack of the B Team, and so much more. Visitor our partners page with them here or go to their website at the link below. If you have never heard of Technic then you’re in for quite a treat. Enjoy the most adventure based modpacks Minecraft has to offer.

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A world class gaming chair provider that has hooked up our staff with some awesome chairs. When most gamers create their perfect rig setup they consider monitors, tower, GPU’s, RAM, keyboards, mice, and without a doubt the PERFECT gaming chair. Without the best chair every gaming setup is incomplete. That’s why all professional e-sports gamers you see on stage have these chairs. They are more aggressive, controlled, and engineered through countless hours of testing to create the optimum shape for gamers. With removable arms, adjustable base, and a solid metal construction. These chairs are up there with DxRacer and other top brands.

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One of the hardest parts about starting a new server is how do you get people to come play on it. With Craft-List that problem has been solved. Minecraft lists are large communities of people listing their server to the public so that they can come and play. Once listed expect new users to your server soon. Want them even sooner? Try their premium version to be listed at the top and get all the views. Get your friends to use their automatic daily voter ranking system to put your server higher on the Craft-list and get noticed for building awesome stuff.

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Autcraft is the largest online Minecraft community based around the Autism community. We are proud to be a long time standing partner with Autcraft and their mission to provide a safe place for people on the spectrum to come learn, make friends, and grow into their full selves.

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Youth Digital

Do you have an idea for the best new Minecraft Plugin or Mod? Have you ever wanted to learn how to code Minecraft Plugins and Mods yourself? Youth Digital is a premiere educator in JAVA Minecraft development education courses. The coolest part about these courses is that the JAVA language itself is universal language many companies look for in new programmers. Become the coolest coder amongst your friends today and get a job at Microsoft tomorrow. Check them out to get started coding your own Minecraft adventures today.

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Child’s Play

One of our favorite partners online has to be Child’s Play. With over $40,085,193 collected since 2003, they are a massive non-profit community dedicated to the positive power of gaming.They seek to “improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play”. Every child deserves to play and they help make it possible. We couldn’t be prouder to support them and their cause.

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Every big servers needs help from it’s community to help keep the lights on and stay open. Buycraft is the best way to monetize your server and start making money today. The donations and various in game purchases are ideal for all types of servers. Our elite partnership gets you a 30 days of Premium Buycraft for free. Start making money on your server today absolutely free.

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Enjin Website Builder

Most large server communities grow beyond their server and require a way for offline players to stay in contact. The Enjin minecraft server is the perfect solution for this. With easy to use plugins to connect your website and server it has never been easier to get started growing your community of friends.

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