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NuVotifier & Rewards Plugin

Last modified on Dec 13, 2021 in plugins

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In Minecraft, playing on servers can be a lot of fun, as you get to build and explore with other people. A lot of these servers have plugins that add features such as in-game currency for shops, as well as other cosmetic rewards. Oftentimes, there are methods in order to obtain some of these rewards through gameplay. Introducing NuVotifier, a plugin that will notify the server when it receives a vote from an external website. This is a great way to give players rewards by simply playing each day. With Apex Hosting, installing and configuring this plugin is easy, so today we will show you how to do so.


NuVotifier is a very popular plugin with over 95 thousand downloads since its release in October 2015. It is created by Tux and has Ichbinjoe listed as a contributor. This plugin goes through and notifies the server and compatible plugins when a vote is received. When used with compatible plugins, you can even customize the rewards you receive.


  1. Navigate to the NuVotifier Spigot Page, then press the “Download Now” button.
    Votifier Download
  2. Save the file to a safe location for later.
  3. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  4. Ensure your server is on a plugin-compatible version, such as PaperMC.



  1. From your Apex Server Panel, navigate to the FTP File Access on the left, then log in.
  2. Access or create the “plugins” folder.
  3. Press “Upload” in the top-left, then drag + drop the plugin .jar into the right.
    Votifier Upload
  4. Once at 100%, return to the main panel page, then start the server.

Your server should now start up with the NuVotifier plugin. You can check this by using the “/plugins” command in-game to see if it appears.


  1. Return to the FTP File Access, then enter the “plugins” folder.
  2. Enter the new “Votifier” folder, then press “Edit” to the far-right of “config.yml”.
  3. You will want to ensure the following are filled out:
Votifier Config

Host: – This is your server’s IP address, ensure you use the numerical IP from your server, not including the port.

Port: – This is the port that votes are sent over. You will want to try picking a port that is not currently in use. If a port doesn’t work, try increasing it by 2 or 3 until it works.

After another save and restart, NuVotifier should start on your IP and selected port. You can test it using a vote test website such as this one. To use the site, choose a name, enter the IP and port from the config.yml, then copy the key from \plugins\Votifier\rsa\public.key.

Votifier Console

If this works, you will see a test vote appear in the console from your chosen name. For more information and setup options, consider visiting the NuVotifier Wiki.

How to Proceed:

From here, you will most likely want to add a Vote Listener plugin, such as VotingPlugin. Using this plugin, you will be able to customize vote rewards. You can find the full setup wiki for this plugin here.

Votifier VP

You can now customize the entire plugin exactly how you desire, giving rewards based on votes, adding your server to voting sites, and many more.


You should now have your NuVotifier plugin setup and running on the server. This is the most important step, as the plugin receives the votes from external websites. Without this plugin, votes cannot be properly received on the server, so setting it up is necessary in order to do so. Once it is configured and you add a vote listener plugin of your choice, you can customize your server to be unique. From EXP, in-game currency, effects, and many more, you can make your server stand out using NuVotifier.

Common Issues:

The votifier folder does not appear in plugins:
This often occurs when the server is not loading up the plugin. Ensure that the plugin .jar file was properly uploaded into the “plugins” folder, then restart the server once again. If issues are still occurring, try using “/plugins” in-game to see if it appears. If the name does not appear in the list at all, try to redownload the latest plugin file and try again.

I’m not receiving any votes:
In this situation, first try to adjust the port in the votifier folder’s config.yml file. If it is still not working after this, ensure that the information entered in the vote websites are correct and match the host and port information in the config.yml file.

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