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Minecraft 1.19 Froglights

Posted: Jan 24, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


When it comes to Minecraft’s latest updates, people are less than satisfied with the new mobs. This is perhaps due to the fact that these mobs haven’t been particularly useful in a world full of useful mobs. Cows offer leather, Creepers offer gunpowder, and Blazes offer blaze powder. Although this is the case, the newest update coming soon, 1.19, seems to include Frogs, which have a crazy unique feature, Froglights. Today, we’re going to go over Froglights and how they work. Let’s begin.

Frogs and Froglights

As a part of Minecraft’s upcoming ‘The Wild’ update, Frogs are the new hotness! With their quirky croaking and hypnotizing walking animations, they’re sure to be a fan favorite. But part of being a fan favorite is having some sort of utility, which Frogs definitely bring to the table.


Frogs bring forth a new lightsource, the Froglight. The Froglight is a new light source block, similar to Glowstone in functionality. The only difference is that this is the first rotatable light source! Similar to how you can change the orientation of stairs or logs, this lightsource can be placed on its side. There are also different variants depending on the type of Frog that produces them. But wait a minute, did I just say ‘produces them’? Well, I actually did. That’s right. Frogs actually make these light sources.


“But how?” I hear you ask from the distance. Well you see, it’s actually pretty simple. Just have a Frog eat a Magma Cube baby, and then he’ll spit out a Froglight. Uhh, yeah. It’s a little silly, but after the Magma Cube baby (yes, it has to be a baby) is swallowed whole by the frog, the Frog will spit out a Froglight that is similar to its color. The Frog color is dependent on the biome it grew up in as a Tadpole. At the moment, there seem to be three different types of Froglights.


That’s really all there is to it! Minecraft’s newest block is the result of a Frog consuming a poor defensless baby whole and then regurgitating them back out as a nifty light source. Neat! In any case, Frogs are looking to be significantly more useful than most new generation mobs, unlike the Polar Bear. I hope that this blog helped you

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