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How to Play with Friends on Minecraft Java Without a Server

Last modified on May 6, 2024 in General

mc head By Nathan Young

How to Play with Friends in Minecraft Without a Server

Spending time with friends in Minecraft is a great way to have endless amounts of fun. Doing this typically involves using servers, allowing everyone to successfully join. However, these cost money and dedicated resources to run – which some people cannot afford. Due to this, you and others alike might wonder if it’s possible to play with friends in Minecraft without a server. The short answer is yes! Although, there is important information and steps to learn before getting started. With this in mind, let’s jump right into how you can play with friends on Minecraft without any dedicated server.

Playing with Friends in Minecraft

How to Play Minecraft with Friends Without a Server

Grabbing friends and embarking on new adventures in Minecraft involves having a multiplayer world. In other words, it is a place where all connections can be established – resulting in each player successfully joining without issues. This process is normally achieved through dedicated servers but can also be accomplished with a Local Area Network (LAN). Anyone connected to your WiFi or hardwired into the router can join your Minecraft world if this feature is enabled. However, anyone else outside of your network will be unable to join unless extra steps are taken. The following subsections will show you how to set up LAN in Minecraft and solutions to common problems.

How to Use LAN in Minecraft

  1. Launch Minecraft and load into a world to play with friends.
  2. Afterward, open the menu and select Open to LAN in the options.
    Minecraft Open to LAN
  3. Proceed to tweak any settings, then enter a random port in the box.
    Minecraft LAN Server
  4. Confirm this by selecting Start LAN World at the bottom.
  5. Have your friends load up Multiplayer on their computer, then search for your world.
    Minecraft Join LAN

    *Players must be using the same local network.


LAN Troubleshooting

One of the most common issues players encounter is the LAN world not appearing in the Multiplayer list. This happens for all sorts of reasons, but can be quickly resolved by using your IPv4 Address and the Port Number from the LAN. You can find this address by executing “ipconfig” in the Command Prompt of your computer. After copying that, simply connect to it as you would with other Minecraft servers. This should work in most cases, but can still be problematic for some. If this solution doesn’t work, consider tweaking your Firewall or antivirus settings. Essentially, you want to ensure that no network issues or protections are preventing successful connections to your Minecraft LAN world.

Apex Hosting Fixing Problems

Want players outside of your local area network to join the Minecraft world? Consider using LogMeIn Hamachi, a free virtual private network that you can invite friends to join – resulting in a shared IPv4 Address. This is a wonderful alternative that allows others to connect to your LAN world in Minecraft. Due to this being a third-party application, proceed at your own risk. Many players use this application to host their own worlds, but it does have its limitations. If nothing seems to be working, then the only solution is to make a Minecraft server. Whether you run it off your own personal computer or rent one through us, it’s guaranteed to allow your friends to join.

Servers vs LAN

Comparing dedicated servers to local area networks is day and night, as each one is extremely different. The table below shows you this in greater detail. For instance, LAN connections are only for those connected to your network – while servers can allow any connection. These differences might alter how you run and host a Minecraft world for friends.

Self-host or RentSelf-host
Any Connections in the WorldConnections in Local Network Only
Dedicated Resources for PerformanceLack of Dedicated Resources
More Customization (Plugins / Mods)Minimal Customization, if any
24/7 Up-time, Unless Self-hostingOnly Online if Minecraft is Loaded


Host Your Own Minecraft Server

Rather than self-hosting your own Minecraft server or creating a LAN world, purchasing one is the best option to play with friends. This method saves you time and computer resources, along with supporting any type of connection around the globe. Always have an active world to join means you don’t have to worry about setting up things on your computer. Additionally, you’re given more customization options to tailor the gameplay accordingly. For example, installing plugins for extra mobs, different gamemodes, etc. is entirely up to you – along with modpacks. The opportunity to build the best Minecraft server to play with friends is at your fingertips. Use “APEX25” at checkout to get 25% off your first invoice!

Start Your Minecraft Server

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