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How to Make Glass in Minecraft

Posted: Jan 5, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


Glass is one of the most unique blocks in Minecraft in that it is almost entirely transparent. Typically used in windows, the glass block is a very nice decorative tool with great utility, but there’s a catch. There are very few naturally spawning glass blocks. Furthermore, glass cannot be picked up after being broken. Like tall grass, it simply disappears. To get a sizable amount of the stuff, we’ll need to actually craft some. Today, we’re going to go over how to make glass step by step. Let’s begin.

How to make Glass

The first step is fairly simple. Just gather sand blocks relative to how many glass blocks you’d like. Maybe even gather a little extra to account for mistakes, since you can’t break and pick up glass blocks.

Next, we’ll need to fuel a furnace which will be used to smelt the sand. That’s right, accurate to real life, glass is made by superheating sand. We’re skipping a few lessons here and there, but we’re scientifically accurate to a degree!

smelting sand into glass

Finally, just smelt the sand in the furnace. The output will then give you one glass block for every sand block smelted, but it will consume the sand. You may want to cultivate a nearby beach if you have a large build idea in mind. If you’d like to make glass panes, just use six glass blocks (they can be dyed) in a crafting table. If you’d like to make stained glass, just place eight glass blocks in a crafting table along with a single dye of any color.

glass panel
stained glass


That’s all there is to it! Making glass is fairly simple in Minecraft, and it’s pretty cheap too. I don’t think it’s as common as Stone, but you can find sand pretty easily. I typically grab a shovel and dig up like ten stacks of sand and that usually lasts me for weeks if not longer. In any case, I hope this guide helped you learn something. Have a great day!

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