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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

Posted: Dec 29, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


So, you’re a Minecraft noob and you’re tired of digging yourself into a hidey-hole every night when the monsters come out. You hate having to wait until sunrise for the safety of a bright and shiny plain. Worry not, Minecraft noob! We got the thing for you: Beds. Brand spankin’ new (not really) technology brought straight from Mojang HQ that allows you to skip the night entirely, and set a new spawn point. That’s right. Today’s blog will go over beds in Minecraft. Everything, from how they work to the history that surrounds them, and maybe even their future. Let’s get started!



Beds are a fairly simple and well known part of Minecraft. They have a few uses, which include but are not limited to sleeping through the night and setting the player’s spawn point. To do this, the player needs to press the ‘use’ button (on Java Edition, this is RMB by default) on the bed. Beds do not work if monsters are within an 8-block radius horizontally. Beds also do not work if it is daytime. It must be either night, or a thunderstorm. After around five seconds of a sleeping animation, the world will turn to day, and you will jump out of bed.


As of 1.13, not sleeping for more than three days will result in the spawning of Phantoms at night. Phantoms are airborne hellspawn that exist solely to ruin your life. They will swoop in and slap you, quickly ascending back up to a safe elevation. The longer you go without sleep, the more that will spawn each night. Phantoms are player specific, so if you get a good night’s rest while your friends have insomnia, you should be left alone.

Beds naturally spawn in igloos, and some specific Village houses, but they can also be crafted for fairly cheap. All you need is 3 wooden planks of any kind, and 3 matching wool. Make sure that you shear matching Sheep! When placed, Beds take up two blocks of space, so make some room in your crib!

bed crafting recipe

As for ‘occupied’ beds, players cannot use a bed in use by another player. However, if a Villager is sleeping in a bed, just kick that sucker out by using it! They’ll jump upright in respect for the superior combatant, you! It may be a bit mean, but it’s a tough world out there!

Factoids and Trivia

Here’s a list of random facts and functions about beds that won’t be helpful or necessary to know for most of you, but should be included in this blog nevertheless! I’m quite thorough, you know?

Bouncing – Landing on a bed will reduce fall damage by 50% and bounce you up for 66% of the impact velocity. Essentially, if you fall high you’ll bounce high too. Baby Villagers bounce on beds during the day.

What Fall Damage? – If a player falls a considerable height, and uses a bed before reaching the ground, the fall damage is not nullified but activated when they leave the bed. Yikes!

Spawn Points – Although the player cannot sleep in a bed during the day, using the bed still sets a new spawn point. Safety assured!

Friends – In Multiplayer, all server residents must sleep simultaneously for the day to pass. Otherwise, any player sleeping will sit in a perpetual slumber!

Waterlogged Beds – If a bed is waterlogged, meaning the bed has water sources registered on it, the player cannot sleep in it without the Water Breathing Effect, or Conduit Power.

Boom! – Beds cannot be slept in when placed in other dimensions, but you won’t just get a message. You’re in for a treat if you try this!

Take Care of Yourself – Players cannot sleep while on fire, poisoned, or starving. For good reason too, you got bigger problems!

The Colors – Originally, Beds only had one color. Red.

Culture? – Each type of Village has its own set of colored beds that spawn in their buildings. For Example, Savanna Villages only spawn with red or yellow beds.


Welp, that’s everything! You now know what you need to operate your bed. They aren’t that complex, as they’re an essential part of every Minecrafter’s playthroughs. All the way from noobs to pro, everyone has used a respawn point one time or another. Or, if you’re super advanced, you can use them as tools of mass destruction! Maybe don’t try that last part, but I implore you to get creative! With that said, I hope this pseudo guide helped you. Have a great day!

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