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How to Join a V Rising Server

Last modified on Nov 3, 2022 in V Rising

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V Rising is a top-down vampire survival game. You awaken as a weakened vampire after centuries in isolation. Build your own castle and regain your supernatural strength as you explore the expansive world and work to conquer it and crush your rivals. The game is a blast on its own, but is even more enjoyable with friends. You can start your own clan, build up your fortress and following, and defeat other vampires in PvP or work together to annihilate any rival clans. That’s why Apex Hosting offers V Rising servers along with our other services. Here is a quick and easy guide on how to join your V Rising server to begin your ascent as soon as possible.

Finding Your Server Name and Address

  1. Navigate to your Control Panel and login.
  2. Scroll down the page and locate the IP Address:Port section of the panel
  3. Copy the address to use later for Direct Connect.
  4. If you plan on finding the server in the master server list, scroll down to the Server Name section of the control panel.
    VRising Server IP
  5. Make a note of the name of your server so you can find it later.

Joining the Server

There are several options for joining a new server through V Rising. Each one is fairly quick and easy. Here is a quick walkthrough of each method.

Finding the Server in the Master List

  1. With your server’s name in-hand, start the game and click on the Play option from the main menu.
    VRising Server Name
  2. Choose the Online Play option on the next page, then click on the Find Servers button in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    Finding VRising Server
  3. Click on the Display all Servers & Settings button at the top of the next page, then type your server’s name into the search box.
    Joining Game
  4. Once your server appears on the list, click on it, then click on the Join Game button at the bottom right corner. You will start joining the server immediately.

Direct Connect

  1. With your address in-hand, start up the game and click on the Play option from the main menu.
  2. Choose the Online Play option, then click on the Find Servers button at the bottom right of the page.
  3. On the next screen click on the Direct Connect button and a new box will appear.
  4. Type in your server’s address and click on the Connect button. It will try to connect you to the server after a moment or two.
  5. If you set a password for the server, a box will appear on the loading screen asking for it. You can find the current password a few sections below the IP Address:Port box on the control panel.

Common Issues

I keep getting a ‘Timed Out’ error when I try to connect.

This most often happens when there is a typo in the address, or when there is an issue with the connection. Double-check the address you have put in to make sure it is correct and that the server is online. If you are still unable to connect, try restarting your router or running a speed test to make sure your connection is working properly.

I am trying to find my server name, but it isn’t showing up in the list.

This is a pretty common issue with brand new servers. It may take some time for the server to appear in the master list shown in the multiplayer menu. For now, try using the direct connect option instead until the list is updated. Also make sure the List On Master Server box is ticked in the Customizations tab of your control panel.

Start Your Vrising Server

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