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How to Join a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server on PS4 or PS5

Last modified on Nov 17, 2023 in General

mc head By Noah

How to join a Bedrock or Geyser server from PlayStation


One huge advantage Bedrock has over Java is the potential for crossplay. Bedrock players can join any server running Geyser or the Bedrock edition of the game from almost any console. This process is very easy for players on a computer or using the PocketEdition of the game, but PlayStation users have several hurdles to overcome. The PlayStation version of the game doesn’t normally allow players to join outside servers. Normally you are stuck with having to join a Realm or one of the game’s Featured Servers. Luckily, some enterprising developers have found a way to let PlayStation players join servers as though they were a LAN game. Here is how you can connect to an Apex Hosting or other 3rd party server on your PlayStation.


Finding Your Server Address

The server address in the control panel

Before you can connect to the server, you will need to find the server’s address and port. These will be shown on your server’s Control Panel. Once on the panel, scroll down to the IP Address:Port section as shown in the image above to find your server’s Address. Please note that the port will be the last five digits of your address. In the example above, the port is 25695.


Using BedrockTogether

BedrockTogether ready to connect

BedrockTogether is the recommended app for connecting to your server through PlayStation. It can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store on most mobile devices. Here is a quick walkthrough on how to use it to join your server:

  1. Download BedrockTogether from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Open the app, then type in your server’s IP Address in the IP: box.
  3. Type in your server’s port in the Port: box.
  4. Click on the green Watch Ad and Run button beneath the address boxes.
  5. Wait for the ad to finish playing, then click on the X at the top right to close out of it.
    A LAN game ready to sent you to your server
  6. Open Minecraft and click on the Play button on the main page
  7. Navigate to the Friends tab and locate the LAN Games section.
  8. When the BedrockTogether game appears, click on it to join your server.

Aside from having to watch an ad, the process is fairly quick and painless. Please note that the app must stay open for the connection to be maintained. It can also take a minute or two for the LAN game to appear after you start the application. We recommend connecting to the server through the app before starting the game on your PlayStation.


Alternative Apps

While BedrockTogether is the preferred app for this process, there are other options available for you to use. Here are a few we recommend. Please note that Apex Hosting is not associated with any of these apps and cannot offer technical support for them:

Phantom (PC)

Phantom being run from the command line

Phantom is a popular command-line interface for your PC or Mac. It is used to create a LAN game for you to join your server. Phantom tends to have a better connection than the smartphone apps listed in this guide, but it has to be run through the Command Line on your computer. We only recommend this option for advanced users with experience using the Terminal or Windows PowerShell.

MC Lan Proxy (Android)

MCLan Proxy is similar to BedrockTogether

MC LAN Proxy is a great app for connecting to servers on PlayStation or other consoles that can’t connect normally. Connecting to the server with this app is almost identical to using BedrockTogether. The only downside to this app is that there is a paid version that is frequently advertised within the free version of the app.

MC Server Connector (Apple & Android)

MC Server Connector is available on most devices

MC Server Connector is a good option for both Android and iOS devices if BedrockTogether is not available. The app works the same way as BedrockTogether. Type in your server’s information and hit the big green button at the bottom of the screen. You will need to watch a 30-second ad, but once it is over the app will create a connection that should appear in your friends’ list.


Common Issues

I keep getting an ‘unable to connect to world’ error.
This most often happens because the IP Address or Port for the server is incorrect. Double-check that you have entered the correct address and port for your server, then restart your game and try again.
If you are still getting this error, restart the server then attempt to join again. If you are running a Java server with Geyser be sure that Floodgate has been installed as well.

The server isn’t showing up in my friends’ list.
Make sure your mobile device is connected to the same wifi network as your PlayStation. The server will not appear if they are on different networks. If it still does not work, restart both devices or try using one of the alternative apps listed above. Please note that using these apps through an emulator like BlueStacks will not work.

I am getting an ‘outdated server’ error.
This usually happens when the server has not been updated or is running an older version of the game. If you are running a Bedrock server, restart it so it will update to the latest version we have available. If the server is running Java with Geyser, try installing ViaVersion to allow players on newer versions of the game to connect.

My connection keeps dropping.
This most often happens when the server receives too many connection requests at once. Wait for a few minutes before trying to join again. This will give the server time to finish processing current connection attempts. If the issue persists, restarting the server should allow you and your players to join again.


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