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How to Create a New World File on a Terraria Server

Last modified on Sep 2, 2022 in terraria

mc head By Dalton Whalen


After playing on a Terraria server for a prolonged amount of time, you may find your world become tiresome. When this occurs, you may find yourself wishing to start over from the beginning to simply have a fresh world or begin with a harder challenge. Luckily, Terraria allows you to adjust server settings in order to change how a new world behaves. Generating a new Terraria world can be confusing for unfamiliar players, so we have created this Apex Hosting guide to ease you through the process.

Adjusting World Options

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel and stop the server.
  2. Proceed to the Customizations tab on the left-hand side.
  3. Open the dropdown in the World Seed section.
  4. Use the text bar to input a seed or select one of the options.
  5. In the Difficulty section, select the desired difficulty option.
  6. Finally, in the World Size section, select the desired world size.

Once configurations are set, they will automatically save and be ready for use!

Generating the New World

  1. Return to the main panel page from the customizations tab.
  2. Scroll down and locate the World field.
  3. Press the Change World button, then input a unique world name.
  4. Select Change World once again, then restart the server.

The server will now generate a new Terraria world using your selected seed and options!

Common Issues

The world is not changing:
If the world does not change, it often means that the changes are not taking place somewhere throughout the instructions. Visit the Customizations tab and ensure that all of your settings are changed. Afterwards, return to the main panel page and generate a new world once again, then restart.

I receive a journey mode error when joining:
When this occurs, it often means that either your character or the world is on journey mode difficulty. As journey mode is significantly easier, only journey mode characters can join journey worlds. If you wish to play in this mode, ensure both the character and world difficulty match. If you do not wish to play in this difficulty, make sure neither the world nor character are in journey mode.

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