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How to Add Mods to a Starbound Server

Last modified on Aug 10, 2023 in starbound

mc head By Dalton Whalen

Starbound Add Mods


In the near-infinite world of Starbound, there are many planets to explore and much to achieve. With time, you may find the base game lacking and wish there was more. Luckily, Starbound dedicated servers have mod support, allowing you to make use of the Steam workshop for the game. Add new creatures, items, or redefine the gameplay as a whole with various mods created by the community. With Apex Hosting, installing mods is streamlined with our panel uploader, so we have created this guide to show you how to get started.

Downloading Workshop Mods

  1. From Steam, visit the Starbound Workshop page.
  2. Here, locate any mod(s) that you wish to use.
  3. Press the green Subscribe button to begin downloading the mods.
    Starbound Mods Steam Subscribe
  4. Wait for a short time, then launch Starbound once to ensure the mods load.


Locating the Workshop Files

  1. From the Steam application, right-click the Starbound game.
  2. Proceed to Manage > Browse Local Files.
    Starbound Mods Local Files
  3. When the file window opens, make note of the file path at the top.
  4. Click steamapps to visit the main Steam folder for your game.
    Starbound Mods Steamapps
  5. Proceed to workshop > content > 211820.
    Starbound Mods File Browser


Preparing the Mod Files for Upload

Starbound Mods Rename Files

Here will be an additional folder for each mod that is downloaded through the Steam workshop. Most of these files will have the same name and need to be changed. To do this, simply enter each of the mod folders, then rename the respective .pak files to have a unique name. This can be the mod’s title, the number ID from the folder, or anything else.

Afterwards, move each of the .pak folders to their own folder where they are all together. We recommend using a program such as 7-ZIP to add all of the .pak files to a .rar or .zip archive file before proceeding. This will ensure a smoother upload experience and prevent errors.

Starbound Mods Zip


Uploading the Mod Files

  1. Navigate to the Apex Server Panel, then turn off the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the FTP File Access.
  3. Log in using your panel password, then enter the mods folder.
    Starbound Mods Folder
  4. Press the Upload button in the top-left menu.
  5. Drag + drop your mod file(s) into the right-hand side.
    Starbound Mods Upload
  6. Once at 100%, return to the mods folder.
  7. (Optional) If a .rar or .zip was uploaded, use the check box to select it, then press unzip.
    Starbound Mods Unzip
  8. When all of the .pak files are in the folder, restart the server to load them up.



With that, you will now be able to join your Starbound server and enjoy the mods to your heart’s content! There are so many mods that can completely change the way the game functions. Whether it’s adding pets, adding an armor system, or even revamping the crew system, there is no shortage of mods for you to choose from. While the system of renaming each of the .pak files is somewhat unconventional, it is still easier than adding mods for other games. With this newfound knowledge of adding mods to your Starbound server, you can revitalize your gameplay and explore the universe once again!

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