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FTB Skies Expert Server Hosting

Last modified on May 26, 2024 in Modpacks

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For those looking to completely overhaul their Minecraft server, consider trying out the FTB Skies Expert modpack for Forge 1.19.2, allowing players to explore hundreds of unique mods. Whether you focus on technology, building, combat, or progression, there are always activities to explore. This is amplified by the availability of quests – such as the chance to visit Mars! Expect to encounter new monsters and passive creatures to use in your world. However, your Minecraft adventure begins on an island of your choice. This means your resources are restricted, so make sure to take advantage of every opportunity. Let’s learn how you can play on this modpack and host your own FTB Skies Expert server.

Host Your own FTB Skies Expert Server

If you haven’t already, purchase a Minecraft server from us before getting started. Our simplified user interface provides you with a quick installation of this modpack, meaning no technical knowledge is required. Once you’re finished, you need to install it on your FTB launcher so you’re able to join. Besides this, the following instructions will guide you through the process of setting up an FTB Skies Expert modpack server.

  1. Head towards your Apex server panel, then locate and click the Game File area.
  2. Proceed to type “FTB Skies Expert” and select it in the options list.
    FTB Skies Expert Server Hosting
  3. Continue to click Change Version, Create New World, and Restart Now.
    FTB Skies Expert Modpack Server
  4. Wait for the modpack to load, then install it on your FTB launcher.
  5. Once that’s finished, you can join the server with the IP Address:Port.


FTB Skies Expert Modpack for Minecraft

Due to all the possibilities with FTB Skies Expert, we’ll summarize important points. These include how to get started and what awaits you in the future! For instance, players looking for a technological modpack can progress far enough to explore a different solar system. It all depends on you – so shape your destiny accordingly. Check out the sections below to learn more about the Minecraft FTB Skies Expert modpack.

Getting Started

When loading into a new world on your modded server, players will spawn on a pre-made ship. This is merely for decoration purposes, as the real story begins once you pass through the portal. Afterward, you’ll be prompted to select one of seven islands to get started. These all have unique challenges and/or biomes, so choose carefully! In cases where you want others to join your island, consider using the party system via commands to send them an invite. This allows them to not only be with you but also complete quests to progress even further than a solo adventurer.

FTB Skies Expert Showcase
FTB Skies Expert Island

Once you’re on the island, begin to collect wood and other materials as you would in any other world. Use your starter items to help you along the way, especially when growing more trees. One important mechanic to the FTB Skies Expert modpack is that players can shift + right-click grass or dirt to gather pebbles, resulting in craftable cobblestone. As you continue progressing, quests will be completed and viewable in your book. This can also be accessed from the inventory, near the top left of your screen.


Quests & Progression

There are 6 main chapters for you to work towards, along with various subquests to help you along the journey. Begin by clicking highlighted ones and seeing their descriptions / rewards. Quests with exclamation marks mean you’ve completed it already! Almost all of these will require players to collect and craft certain items. If you’re stuck on a particular one, read its instructions to verify what needs to be done. Having friends speeds up this process and propels you forward to newer chapters in FTB Skies Expert. Keep in mind that this modpack is highly technical, meaning machines and devices will become normal in later gameplay.

FTB Skies Expert Quests
FTB Skies Expert Moon

After a few hours of playing, you might be shocked – as this modpack gives you the ability to travel to distant planets in the solar system. However, the first location is Earth’s Moon since that’s the closest. Prepare yourself with an astronaut suit, oxygen, and other resources to help you survive. This becomes amplified the more and more you reach out towards the heavens. This isn’t an understatement, you can leave the solar system to visit another one! All of these plants are viewable near the end of each chapter.


Sky’s The Limit! Well, Universe

The FTB Skies Expert modpack for Minecraft Forge 1.19.2 is an extremely large pack, as there are hundreds of mods available to play with in-game. This means you have great heights to reach as you continue working on chapters. Whether you’re excited about all the new machines or the different plants to visit, this modpack is jam-packed with content. Take some time with friends to begin exploring the wonders of FTB Skies Expert on your own dedicated server. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to our Support Team for assistance.

FTB Skies Expert – FAQ

What Minecraft version is FTB Skies Expert?

FTB Skies Expert is for Minecraft Forge 1.19.2 and will likely not be updated to higher versions, but depends on the developers. In cases where you want to add more mods to this pack, make sure the versions match up properly so no issues occur.

How many mods are in the FTB Skies Expert modpack?

There are over 350 mods in the FTB Skies Expert modpack for Minecraft. This provides players with endless hours of features and entertainment to explore in-game. Additionally, some of these are performance mods that optimize the gameplay experience for everyone.

Why can’t I join my FTB Skies Expert server?

Players who aren’t able to join the FTB Skies Expert server need to check if they have the modpack locally installed on their FTB or Minecraft launcher. We strongly recommend using the FTB client when downloading this pack, as it reduces the risk factor. However, the server itself might be having issues that result in this situation. Reaching out to our support team will help you resolve this issue.

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How To Make a FTB Skies Expert Server With Apex Hosting

  1. Select your server package from our pricing page
  2. On the ‘Configure Your Server’ page, complete the required fields
  3. Under ‘Server Version’, select your version from the dropdown list
  4. Complete the order and your FTB Skies Expert server will be created instantly