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Start a Crazy Craft Minecraft Server

Last modified on Dec 7, 2023 in modpacks

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Minecraft is a classic game. You begin the world, do a little bit of mining, do a little bit of crafting, and then you eventually beat the dragon! Classic, right? You can only do so much in Vanilla Minecraft though. It inevitably gets old, and you long for a little more action in your game. Introducing CrazyCraft 4.0! This is a modpack created by the Voidswrath team and TheAtlanticCraft. It features new bosses, ores, and tons of new crafting opportunities that’ll give you lots of extra play time! With our easy one click installer, setting up this modpack is as easy as pie!

About CrazyCraft 4.0

In the classic game version of 1.7.10, there are many mods that everyone remembers. There’s the famed “Orespawn” mod, which could be a modpack on it’s own with how vast it is. From interesting mobs to dungeons galore, this is a mod you’ll definitely want to explore. Another great mod is the “Witchery” Mod. With tons of new items and magical aspects added to Vanilla Minecraft- there will be a lot to check out. This a modpack you may need to do some extra research on before you try and tackle it, but it is so worth the time!

How to Install CrazyCraft 4.0

Client Side Installation

  1. Head to your browser and search up “Voidswrath”. Select the first link that appears.
  2. Scroll down in the page to locate the download section. Select the download button for the appropriate operating system.
  3. Once the download is complete, go to your downloads folder and extract the files. Run the .exe file and if your windows defender warns you about anything, don’t worry. Just select more info, and hit run anyway to get the launcher started!
  4. From here, you can scroll down in the launcher on the left side and locate the icon for CrazyCraft 4. Select it and in the new popup you can click the play button. This will run the application and you’ll be good to go!

Server Side Installation

  1. Head into your Apex Panel and stop your server.
  2. Scroll down to the JAR File field and select the drop down bar and search up “CrazyCraft” and select the CrazyCraft 4.0 option that appears under Voidswrath.
  3. When the popup appears, select “Change Version”, then “Create New World”, then “Restart Now”.
  4. Once the server has reset safely you can join your Apex Server!

Common Issues

Server Stuck on Startup

One of the more common issues when it comes to these packs is that it won’t load up properly. It’s an easy fix though.

  • Just head back to your Apex Server Panel. Next, go to the section on the left called “console” and select it.
  • In the bar type out “/fml confirm”. This will get your server up and running properly after a short time.


That’s going to just about do it for this modpack. CrazyCraft 4.0 is a pack loaded with tons of things to do and hours of fun to enjoy. Whether or not you’re playing with or without friends is up to you, but the adventure will be long and unforgettable.

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