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  • Minecraft Recovery Compass

    Minecraft: Recovery Compass

    : May 6, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview For the longest time, Minecraft mods have always envisioned unique mechanics to make it easier to acquire your items upon dying. Whether it be storing your items in some form of death-themed chest, or setting a waypoint on your map right where you died, the idea has always been there. Now, Mojang has added […]

  • How to Make a Nether Portal

    How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

    : May 2, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview For what feels like the better part of a decade, Minecraft has established that it is no stranger to interdimensional travel, having multiple worlds. There’s the overworld, a place teeming with life and varied biomes all over. The End, a barren cluster of islands floating in the abyss, guarded by the Ender Dragon. And […]

  • Minecraft Hoppers

    Minecraft: Hoppers

    : Apr 27, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview In Minecraft, moving things from chest to chest is super tedious and time-consuming. Essentially, it involves emptying your inventory and then transferring all the items from one chest to your inventory and then to the next chest. It sucks! Mods make this easier with the addition of pipes and similar items, however, those don’t […]

  • The Best Realistic Minecraft Resource Packs

    Best Realistic Minecraft Resource Packs

    : Apr 25, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview Minecraft has always been known for its arcady simplistic aesthetic. Despite its beautiful, sprawling landscapes, for some people, it just isn’t easy enough on the eyes. After all, each block is only 16×16. Vanilla blocks like grass, cobblestone, and wooden logs, although iconic, are often seen as repetitive and bland by some critics. Because […]

  • Minecraft Elytra

    A Guide to Elytra in Minecraft

    : Apr 15, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview Exploration has always been a staple part of the Minecraft experience. Grabbing a horse, boat, or just a trusty pair of legs to traverse the ever-expansive procedurally generated world is just something that all of us have done at some point. Whether it be to find the ideal place to set up a base, […]

  • Minecraft Blast Furnace

    The Blast Furnace in Minecraft

    : Apr 13, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview Iron and Gold are an essential part of any miner’s stead in our favorite block building game. Whether it be armor, Unfortunately, raw ore can’t be used for much, and isn’t the best use of your haul. Because of this, we have created new and ingenious technology to smelt our ore in the most […]

  • Lava walker Minecraft

    Minecraft: Lava Walker Datapack Overview

    : Apr 11, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview Long ago, years in the past, Minecraft had an amazing update in the form of 1.9, the Combat Update. In this update, an amazing enchantment was added in the form of Frost Walker, an awesome utility enchantment for boots that allowed the player to walk on water by creating ice under their footsteps. It […]

  • Minecraft: Redstone Lamp

    Minecraft: Redstone Lamp

    : Apr 6, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview Redstone, albeit fairly complex, is a huge part of the Minecraft community. With numerous additions being made to the Redstone network such as repeaters, comparators, and more, it’s always nice to take a step back and look at the simple things we take for granted. Being one of my favorite light sources, Redstone Lamps […]

  • Minecraft Swift Sneak

    Minecraft: Swift Sneak Enchantment

    : Mar 21, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview In the world of Minecraft, there are many enchantments of varying utility found all over the world. When it comes to recent updates, however, Mojang feels the need to spoil us with a new enchantment each time. In 1.16, we were gifted Soul Speed, an enchantment that increases movement speed on Soul Sand. With […]

  • add mods to Minecraft Realms

    Can you add mods to Minecraft Realms?

    : Feb 14, 2022 Minecraft

    mc head David

    Overview TL;DR – Nope. When it comes to Minecraft Realms, you have assured an official and polished gaming experience when playing your favorite block game. Unfortunately, with those assurances comes the over-corporatization of many aspects of the game. Part of this includes a lack of community mod support. But wait! You don’t have to click […]