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Can you add mods to Minecraft Realms?

Posted: Feb 14, 2022 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Can You Mod Minecraft Realms?

TL;DR – Nope. When it comes to Minecraft Realms, you have assured an official and polished gaming experience when playing your favorite block game. Unfortunately, with those assurances comes the over-corporatization of many aspects of the game. Part of this includes a lack of community mod support. But wait! You don’t have to click off of this blog yet, because I’m going to show you some reliable alternatives which will allow you to have just as much fun, despite the original disappointment. Let’s begin.

The Minecraft Marketplace

The Minecraft Marketplace is an official in-game store for Bedrock Edition where players like you use their creative talent to concoct incredible new ways to play the game. Community-made textures, skins, worlds, and even gamemodes can be found here. To top it off, the marketplace is entirely realms-friendly! That’s right. You can integrate any and all marketplace content into your Realms world quite easily, but what’s the catch?

minecraft marketplace

Unfortunately, the marketplace, per its namesake, charges real-life money for most of its contents. Everything from skins, texture packs, worlds, and even gamemodes all cost money proportional to the value that they offer. There is some free content, but the majority is paid. This is much less accessible than the other options, but assuming you’re willing to cash out for some interesting additions, you can have quite an enjoyable time with some community-made content.

Forge, Fabric, and mods

This is your next option, which if I’m being completely honest, isn’t a real answer to the question. Essentially, if you’re willing to scrap the whole idea of Minecraft Realms entirely, you can switch over to servers! With the power of a Minecraft server running Java Edition, you can use community based platforms like Forge or Fabric to modify the game with all the mods available on said platforms.

curseforge front page

This is actually how mods are meant to be used, as Java Edition is the origin of all modded Minecraft. This is all fine, however, running a Minecraft server is very different from renting a realm from Minecraft Realms. There are many options that all have varying ups and downs. You could start by making your own server, which typically requires a series of hardware, network protection, game knowledge, and more. Another option is server hosting, with companies like us! A server host like Apex Hosting offers a fully functioning server where all of the complex setup and management is handled for you at a monthly/quarterly fee. Whatever your decision may be, a Java Minecraft server is the most popular way to play with mods in Minecraft.


That’s all there is to it. Somewhat depressing, considering there is no official way to play with mods on a Minecraft Realm. Unfortunately, Realms are seen as a more simplistic, limited representation of Minecraft multiplayer. The benefit, however, is that they are extremely accessible for the majority of players who are inexperienced in the more technical aspects of server hosting. In any case, I hope that you found this blog helpful, and have a great day!

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