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Best Underwater Bases in Minecraft

Posted: Feb 5, 2023 in Minecraft

mc head By Nathan Young


Building in Minecraft can take many different forms, from sky structures to underground bases. Whether you’re in a solo world or playing on a server, making a house is what almost every player does at some point. This is extremely important in survival mode, as you’ll need a place to rest, store items, and grow food. If you’re tired of a building on land or high in the skies above you, then try doing it in the ocean. You’ll be surrounded by a wide variety of sea creatures, from dolphins to clownfish. It’ll also serve as protection against griefers, since explosions by default cannot damage blocks in water. There are tons of interesting and unique structure designs to use in these areas of your world. Let’s begin to unravel the best underwater bases in Minecraft!

Top 3 Underwater Bases

Minecraft Underwater Bases

We’ll be reviewing a total of three possible bases to use in the ocean, ranging from classic to modern designs. There are lots more online to try out, but this list focuses on specific elements that some players might prefer over others. For instance, one of them is for details and appearances to impress users who come across it. Regardless of your desires, you can combine these base designs to create an entirely new and special one for yourself. Don’t go overboard though, the water can be dangerous with undead monsters lurking around.

Classic Underwater Dome

Minecraft Glass Dome
Minecraft Glass Dome

If you’re looking for a general purpose underwater facility to live in, then creating a dome is perfect. These can be made from any building block material, with glass being the most popular one. One structure is likely not enough, so connecting them with small tunnels is suggested for additional space. Whether you’re planting trees, setting up a storage room, or anything else, each dome can be used for whatever you want. Other ideas include building underneath each dome for extra areas to use. You can learn more about this particular map here or try creating it yourself.

Submerged Modern House

Minecraft Modern Underwater House
Minecraft Modern Underwater House

Modern structure designs in Minecraft are popular in the game’s community, but submerged ones aren’t common. These buildings tend to not have many survival aspects, as they’re only made for appearances. Fret not, using this map does include some elements to keep you alive in the midst of the ocean. Sadly, there aren’t any farms or a way for self sustainability, so you’ll have to make that yourself. At least there’s nice artwork to glance out, plus the extremely detailed interiors.

Oceanic Survival Base

Minecraft Underwater Survival Base
Minecraft Underwater Survival Base

Combining both concepts into one results in a wonderful survival base, providing players with the necessities and detailed appearances. There are lots of places to store items, smelt ores, cook food, enchant weapons, and so much more. With this in mind, you can imagine there are multiple floors to this base. You’re correct! The first layer is the main entrance with beds and downstairs is everything else you need to survive. If this interests you, check out this map here to learn more and begin using it in Minecraft.


Choosing to live in the waters of the ocean might be the perfect place for you! Whether you’re going to set up in a dome or modern house, make sure to survive against any challenges you might encounter. Otherwise, try combining some concepts to spice up your experience. This may involve building into a side of the mountain from the ocean or simply underneath your structure. Regardless of what you decide, we hope this blog helps you understand the best underwater bases in Minecraft. Have a good one, gamers!

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