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Category - Playing in The Virtual Sandbox at School

There are a few games that have been introduced to educational environments but none have provided the tools necessary to become a true teaching platform until Minecraft has been introduced. Schools are for the first time setting up their own Minecraft server hosting and being implemented into the curriculum at an elementary school in Florida. Fortunately for the kids there are no winners or losers or even an end to this imaginative game, just a virtual sandbox in which kids can learn development skills and enhance their cognitive and creative capabilities.

Surprisingly, this elementary school has a computer science class, which probably wasn’t the case when you were in school but with the integration of technology into every aspect of our daily lives this is a great idea. Teaching kids at a young age will let them develop abilities to be creative inside of a virtual realm integrating science and technology skills. The amount of problem solving required in his game is unseen anywhere else and is said to be able to jumpstart the minds ability to think and expand its capabilities.

There are no set rules or regulations for this game who can use a long list of tools and abilities to create a game in which they want to play. Fantasy worlds aren’t farfetched and amazingly these kids are able to figure out how to construct them from the ground up. It is remarkable what the human mind can achieve at such a young age and these kids will be innovators possibly changing the course of the world solving is greatest mysteries.

The creators of the game are embracing this and believe that this is one of the many uses of their game. Anything can be achieved within their creation and besides from straining the eyes there are no ill effects on kids, only a sandbox inside of the classroom in which they will learn while feeling like they are playing. There is no greater way to engage young children and increase the power of their mind.

We see young server owners everyday creating games which are played by millions of users and the response is unbelievable. Informal teams of teenage developers have been put together and we have been able to help them build successful Minecraft servers.