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Apex Complete Modpack List

Apex Complete Modpack List

Want to know what mod packs you can play on the Apex Hosting minecraft server hosting platform? We created a little handy page so you can see all the mod packs currently available for installation on our platform. Our control panel makes it easy to install and switch between mod packs. There are plenty of awesome mod packs out there so make sure you try them all out!


Check out all the mod packs and their installed versions now! View them here.

We feature the latest and great mod packs available from the major platforms featuring our partner Technic. Please make sure that your launcher version matches the version identified on this page to prevent any login problems.

Want to play a mod pack that’s not on our list? Send us a support request and we can set it up for you. You can send requests to the team here. We support all modpacks and can install any packs for you that have a server download available.