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What’s The Best Minecraft Hosting Site?

Posted: Aug 26, 2020 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott


So, you want to start up a1.16 epic Minecraft server, but some things are holding you back. You want better security, performance, tech support and maybe you just hate setting up all that crap yourself. This is where server hosting comes into play. But what exactly is server hosting?

Basically, for a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee, a service will host your Minecraft server for you. Sometimes, depending on the plan, they’ll even assemble and manage all of your plugins and mods. This service could provide you with technical support, advice, information, and more which normally wouldn’t be available to you setting up a server in your lonesome.

What Is The Best Server Hosting For Minecraft?

Now, you’re going to need to determine which service is best for you. Which host do I choose? Well, first we need to go over exactly what you need. The parameters of what your server will be used for matter a great deal when deciding what plan you’ll be going with. Different plans offer different things, so you might not be getting enough for what you’re planning, or you could even be overpaying.

Alright, so what am I looking for?

Once again, what’s the best option? Well, let’s see what you need. These factors will determine what plan you purchase.

craftlistFirst, the player count. How many people are going to be playing on this server at once? Depending on that number, you’ll need more ram to improve performance. If you start hitting big numbers, you might need to consider multiple servers connected by a network that houses your members separately. The more ram you need, the more a server will cost. For most customers, the defining factor in price is usually ram, so this is pretty important. If you plan on starting a small server with just you and your friends, only a couple of gigabytes should do it, depending on the size of your group or if there are any mods.

Next, mods and plugins. If you have strenuous mods and plugins on your server, or you just have a buttload of them, then your server will take a hit. This means that you will need a higher performance plan, depending on the mods, of course. Depending on the plugins, your server might even perform better than vanilla. There’s also the job of installing and maintaining the mods and plugins during setup. Here at Apex, we offer easy click-to-install mods/modpacks/plugins to speed things up.

Further, security. Trolls and hackers are a nuisance, and you want to make sure that your server and its occupants are not interrupted by anything. DDOS protection and security of the server occupants’ data are important. This is one of the major benefits of using a well known and highly regarded server host.

Lastly, tech support and advice.servers background If you ever have issues with your server (totally unlikely, happens 0% of the time, flawless setup always assured) then some work would be in order. Sometimes, you might not have the technical knowledge that is needed to support the server during version updates, bugs, crashes, or anything else that might occur. That is where support comes in. Live chats that can be opened up where an agent will assist you and help you solve any issues. Sometimes, it could even be 24/7, like we offer here at Apex.


So, which Minecraft server host is best? It depends on what you need, but for the most part, there are distinct features you can look out for. What you’re running, how you’re running it, to what extent, and the services offered by the hosting company all should play a factor.

Remember your budget as well, and competitive pricing is important when it comes to all these factors which usually come in the form of plans, offered by us as well. With that said, I hope I helped inform you about which server host is best, so have a great day!

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