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Welcome Valheim!

Posted: Jul 1, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


I’m a man all about humble beginnings, and when I look at the state Apex was in long ago, it only makes the current situation all the more impressive. With newfound resources from our success, all we want to do is give back to the community in the best way we can, and we’ve found that there’s one thing you all enjoy: games. That’s why we believe it best to move forward by expanding our game library for server hosting beyond the scope of Minecraft. Today, we would like to proudly announce that we will be hosting servers for Valheim!

One game at a time

We know that there are tons of Valheim fans out there, and so we truly hope that you all can fully utilize our panel and our new server hosting plans to enjoy the awesome open-world nordic sandbox to the fullest extent!


Furthermore, you can expect to see lots of content related to Valheim in the coming weeks! The content team and I played the game recently, and after defeating the first boss, it was a really fulfilling experience! We’re pushing hard, and we don’t have a particular endgame in sight. We’re just gonna keep doing what we’re doing to offer the best services and support for all of you gamers as best we can! Our Valheim hosting was even rated number one over on WhatIf Gaming!

Whether it be Ark, Hytale, or Valheim, we are confident we can provide you with the service you deserve.


That’s all I have to say on the matter! Apex Hosting has taken Valheim as one of its games for server hosting, and you should be excited! You can check out our main page to get started and hopefully start up an awesome world for yourself! In any case, I hope I’ll see all of you gamers in Valhalla! And have a great day!

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