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Weekly News Digest – September 24th, 2021

Posted: Sep 24, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Good morning everyone, and welcome to the latest and greatest when it comes to Minecraft news! I’m your lovely host, Dave, and today we’ve got a smashing haul for all of you. In regards to Minecraft, snapshot 21w37a makes its presence known by adding in all of the biomes and features that we’ve been waiting for finished versions of for so long. Everything from Dripstone Caves, Lush Caves, Snowcapped peaks, Groves, Lofty peaks, and Meadows have all been implemented. We’re getting to the point where the Caves and Cliffs update is truly feeling like the Caves and Cliffs have prominence.

snapshot 21w37a

As for other changes, there are a few. Enchanting Tables now emit a low level of light, and shears on the tip of a Cave Vine, Twisting Vine, Weeping Vine, or Kelp now cause it to stop glowing. Neat. Large Ore Veins is also a new change with ore generation, and includes large, snake-like underground ore formations. This has been a fairly large snapshot that includes lots of features which have surely been in development for quite some time, so we should be very appreciative of Mojang and their hard work.

Apex Hosting News

It’s that time of the day, yet again.

Nahuel – Nahuel is doing fantastic. They’re playing Final Fantasy with some new friends and really enjoying themselves.

Daniel – Daniel is doing great after watching a movie that he enjoyed.

Santiago – Santiago finished A Realm Reborn and is having lots of fun playing Wrath of the Righteous. He’ll also be getting a new desk soon.

Erika – Erika starts class next week, and that’s all there is to it.

Ocatvio – Octavio started playing Valorant with some friends. He’s not a big fan of shooters, but it’s fun.

Make sure to check out our awesome content which we recently posted. We’re really trying to grow our tiktok and youtube channel. Our most recent content has all our hard work put into it.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– Adjusted our FTP scripts for Rename/Copy/Move/Delete so that special characters and other odd file names do not cause problems.
– Implemented a new validation system for First and Last names in WHMCS. This should prevent any possible issues that would arise from a client having bad characters in their name.

Newly Released Content

How to make a Redstone Clock, Who else remembers their first night? (Animation), What a perfect day for piggy, until… (Animation)

Vanilla Commands in Minecraft
Minecraft Account Migration


Although they aren’t common, Valheim has received a small patch in the form of Patch 0.202.19. The latest patch reblances hp/stamina for the food that was just added by the Hearth and Home update, which was much needed.

valheim update

A few monsters were also rebalanced by reducing health or making it easier to stun them. This update wasn’t necessarily needed, but quality of life fixes go a long way in longevity, so they’re much appreciated. In any case, Valheim is far away from its next full update.


Welp, that’s the week of news for you! In regards to Minecraft, they keep releasing snapshots in the hope that it will eventually add up to a full update. I still disagree with their decision to divide Caves and Cliffs into two separate updates, but I digress. The Apex Hosting crew is doing good as well, and they’re making tons of hilarious animations. Check them out if you get a chance! Lastly, Valheim is doing its best to become a full fledged game rather than an early access title. It’s on the proper path, which is why I enjoy checking out its changelog. That’s my haul finished, so I wish you the best week possible!

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