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Weekly News Digest – September 10th, 2021

Posted: Sep 10, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Here we are, at the 66th week of our news blog! It’s been a wonderful day so far, and I’d like to welcome you all to my humble abode with a nice haul of all that awesome news. This is a little late, but this week I will be reporting on an experimental snapshot released by Mojang for 1.18.

1.18 snapshot

Experimental Snapshot 6 comes with a large quantity of technical and bug fixes which serve to further the terrain generation we can expect to see in 1.18. Overall, the changes are very impressive, with some changes coming to even Horses, allowing us to lead them with golden food. This makes it a lot easier to lead horses over rivers and such. You can read more about the snapshot on the official changelog.

Apex Hosting News

I’m back! Get ready, because I’m off vacation and making content again!

Dave – I’m off vacation! I know, I know. You all probably missed me.

Erika – Erika had toast and is somewhat sad after I told her that bees don’t live that long.

Nahuel – Nahuel had some bad stuff happen, but he’s doing his best to rock hard. He’ll probably go back to drawing and Final Fantasy 14.

Lloyd – Lloyd greeted me now that I’m back, but has nothing to comment.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– Server information from Multicraft now syncs back to WHMCS services. This means that clients can now see server ids and server names from their client area. This also allows staff to see node ids and up to date ips for services directly in the WHMCS admin area. (note: this has not been retroactively applied yet, only new changes will update services)
– The Plugin List page on the panel has been updated to filter what options are available based on the selected Jar version on the server. For example Spigot servers will only see Bukkit/Spigot options and Pocketmine servers will only see the Pocketmine option.

Minecraft Dungeons

Not much news to report on updates or content coming to Dungeons, but there is something. The critically acclaimed yet somewhat underwhelming title will be making its way to the home of Valve, Steam! Steam is (in my opinion) the best storefront and platform for video games ever. To have Minecraft Dungeons on there is definitely a great investment on Microsoft’s part. Be sure to expect a good chunk of sales.

Steam dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons will make its way to Steam on September 22nd. This will offer people achievements, trading cards, discussion threads, and possibly even Steam Workshop.


Welp, that’s pretty much everything for this week. Minecraft inches its way closer to 1.18 every day, with Snapshot 6 offering numerous technical fixes and changes that are sure to make terrain generation as polished as possible. The Apex crew seems to be doing ok, and although I’ve just returned from vacation, I’m sure they were fine. Minecraft Dungeons is spreading itself to Steam, which is an interesting choice. I wonder if this means that Minecraft and any other Minecraft-related properties will make their way to the storefront as well. In any case, I hope you learned something new. Have a great day.

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