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Weekly News Digest – October 29th, 2020

Posted: Oct 29, 2020 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone! Some odd news today, to say the least. Basically, Microsoft implemented a change to all of us Java players which will require us to transfer our Minecraft accounts from Mojang to Microsoft. What this means is that your Minecraft ownership will now be tied to your Microsoft account. This is being done in the name of security, and it will allow your Minecraft account access to 2-Factor Authentication. This is basically a more secure way to login into your account, but it is a little more tedious. You can check out the video that Minecraft released on the topic here.
java account migration
Microsoft knows that most of the community would be against this decision, but they are going through with it anyway. To compensate the community for the annoying nature of the Java account migration, Microsoft and Mojang will be giving every player who currently owns Minecraft on Java a free cape! The specifications on what the design will be, or if you can design your own is unknown. There is little information of what is going on all around, so we’ll be sure to report on everything. As of now, all we know is that accounts will be migrated in groups so as to not crash any websites or anything, and that you will be receiving a cape for your trouble. All copies of Minecraft obtained after the transition will not receive the free cape.

Apex Hosting News

Did you know that today marks the 20th Weekly News that we’ve posted? This is a pretty big deal for me, and I hope we can go for another twenty weeks!

Amber – Amber stubbed her toe 🙁

Dalton – Dalton finished crafting his new computer. Congratulations, and happy gaming!

Joseph – Lots of redbull, as always. Joseph also says there is some difficult math, which is sad. I hate math >:(

Aaron– Aaron just finished the Salvation series, all the way to the end. He’s also playing with some tech Elias is building. The details are iffy, but it might be interesting in the future! Aaron also said that he bought a ton of games on Steam like GTA V, but hasn’t had time to play them.

Dave – I am hungry…

Allan – Allan has been playing War Thunder a bit, fight in the skies!

Apex Hosting Changelog

– Newly added coupon code: SCHOOL for 25% off. This is now the default code used during checkout.

– References to being the official host of Technic have been removed from the front page of the website.

Community Spotlight

svetts base
Here I have an awesome picture sent to me by one of my server members, Hoxt. This is a base he made out of Darkstone bricks from AbyssalCraft, along with powered lines for energy. It really gives you a sense of what you can do with modded Minecraft. Send in more next time!

Community Gulp

rock the voteMinecraft and Rock the Vote join forces to inject charisma into young voters! Basically, Rock the Vote created the first American election in Minecraft! As they say, the nonpartisan nonprofit aims to engage both young first-time voters and future voters. All you have to do to get started is join the Rock the Vote official server, or other servers running the Vote House map.

Enter the Voting House which is meant to mimic Capitol Hill. In the house, players can learn about the American electoral process, register to vote through the registration process. Afterward, they vote on ten different issues, rather than candidates. The results of the ballots will be shared to the public on Rock the Vote social platforms on October 30th. You can join the server at the IP: mc.buildthevote.com


Well everyone, that’s all I have for you this week. All of our Java accounts are going to migrate to Microsoft accounts, for whatever reason. For better or worse, Microsoft is doing this under the guise of security. Next, Apex Hosting staff continue with their daily lives. Everyone seems to be doing good, so that’s nice. In the Spotlight, we can see that Hoxt has a pretty advanced base with huge walls and technology galore. Good on you, Hoxt! Lastly, we can see that RocktheVote wants Minecraft players to have an interest in voting. I would say to participate, since it is really important to the future of our country! With that said, all of you should have a great day!

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