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Weekly News Digest – March 29th, 2021

Posted: Mar 29, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

It’s that time of the week, and we’re back at it again with another haul of news! This week, we have some interesting things to look at, and in regards to Minecraft, a brand new snapshot! 21w11a brings forth the waxing mechanic for Copper and many changes. There is also a massive amount of bug fixes. Nearly a hundred inconveniences have been stomped out by Mojang, and that’s pretty cool!

Leading Horse

There has also been a technical change in that pressing F3+L will now show in game performance metrics. This new feature starts a recording that goes on for 10 seconds, capturing metrics such as tick durations, used heap sizes, and other more detailed stats. These will be saved to a zip file and could be used for performance regression analysis if included in bug reports. Mojang does clarify that the mechanics of this feature are subject to change. You can read the full changelog here.

Apex Hosting News

Talking to the rest of Apex as we speak, they told me to go away.

Kyle: *cracked knuckles*

Daniel: *staring*

Sam: *pepe face*

Cory: *thinking*

Robert: *being cool*

Nathan: *pepe face*

Elias: *pepe face*

Daniel 2: *dancing cat*

Erika: Erika glued her fingers, which is a little weird but I don’t judge!

Joseph: Joseph

Kevin: Kevin’s parents came to visit for the weekend, and he finally got his furniture.

Dave: I am

Apex Hosting Changelog

– A new ‘Confirm Email Address’ field has been added to user registration on WHMCS. This ensures that users have to type their email twice to help prevent typos.

– The ‘[Legacy] Upload’ page in the Panel FTP page has been removed. This has existed since we created the new upload system and is finally ready to disappear.

– The Config Files page on the panel is now searchable. You can filter by config filename to be able to find what you’re looking for.

– The Panel FTP page now has a nice large ‘Select All’ button so you can easily select all files in the current folder. This did exist previously but it was not very user-friendly.

– There is now a tooltip for the Server Location dropdown during checkout that informs users about how location can affect their latency.

– The ‘Already registered?’ button during checkout has been adjusted to be more visible and now says ‘Sign in with Apex Details’ so it makes more sense.

– The status page on the main site has been reordered and categorized by region. https://status.apexminecrafthosting.com/

– Our partners page has had a full revamp, it’s now much cleaner and features some information about our partners. https://apexminecrafthosting.com/sponsorship/

Community Gulp

Just a few days ago a Reddit user by the name of nrgmix designed some awesome underwater mines using the new blocks added in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs snapshots. In the picture they provided, it seems he used Copper blocks, Chains, and the newly added Lightning Rods. He then attached the Chains to the bottom to give the impression they are keeping the Copper block from ascending to the top of the water. How clever!

Leading Horse

You can check out the original post and other cool builds from nrgmix here.


A fairly simple yet interesting week. I feel like a broken record, but I can’t say much else besides we’re closer to 1.17 than ever before! It doesn’t seem like Mojang has many obstacles they can’t face. That latest snapshot may not have been the flashiest, but technically, it was massive. As for the Apex staff, they all just spammed me with emojis rather than an actual words, but I don’t mind. Lastly, that cool design idea by nrgmix can hopefully inspire you in your future builds. That’s all I got for you this week, and with that said, have a great day!

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