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Weekly News Digest – March 12th, 2021

Posted: Mar 12, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone, and welcome to another week of inspiring news! Sadly, I don’t have any snapshots for you this week, but I can ensure that Mojang is hard at work, making something great for us. The Caves and Cliffs update is a technical endeavor the likes of which Minecraft has never seen, so it makes sense that every snapshot is based on technical advancements and fixing ore, cave, and biome generation rather than the addition of new content. It may be less fun to look at, but when the update actually comes out you will appreciate the changes.

mountains beta

Something interesting that has happened, however, is the new Bedrock Beta! In the newest 1.17 Beta, you can play with the new large-scale mountain generation. We’ve had new cave generation, but now we finally can play around with the cliff generation! If you can play on Bedrock Edition, I highly recommend you check the Beta out for yourself.

Apex Hosting News

The latest and greatest, only available from your boy Dave.

Erika: Erika is eating ice cream cake!

Joseph: Joseph has got Redbull and is doing lots of university work.

Daniel: Daniel has acquired a bookshelf, and he enjoys it very much.

Kyle: Kyle is excited for march madness and is working on some spreadsheets. Good luck!

Cory: Cory’s mouse died, so he bought a new one with a new cable.

Ricky: Ricky is working on his diet and working out. A healthy lifestyle is hip with the kids!

Daniel 2: Daniel 2 has got the Covid-19 vaccine, so good on him! He also has gotten some car upgrades as well, and enjoyed the new warm weather.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– We now have a public page about Valheim for when we start to offer it! https://apexminecrafthosting.com/games/valheim-server-hosting/

– Bedrock Dedicated servers will now generate logs of their console output in the same location and format as normal Java edition servers. :deployparrot:

– We deployed Docker to our test nodes, but this was mentioned in sysadmin already :stuck_out_tongue:

Community Gulp

Through the use of data packs, a talented developer has managed to create a 2D version of Minecraft that is playable within the Minecraft chat. How cool is that? You can play Minecraft…in Minecraft!

minecraft payable in chat

A Reddit user by the name of KevinJNGuy01 shared his creation which he dubbed “Playable Minecraft in the Chat.” Ever get bored of Minecraft, just sitting in your world? Maybe try playing Minecraft! This entire addition if fit into a datapack, so no mods required! You can check out the post from Kevin himself and the download for the data pack here.


Welp, yet another week passes us by. Minecraft is everchanging, and we inch closer and closer to the awesome end result of 1.17. It was an odd choice to lock the new progress on the cliff generation to Bedrock, but it will inevitably make its way to Java so I don’t really care. The Apex team is as skippy as ever, and we have tons of content in the works for you guys! Last, Kevin from Reddit made an awesome datapack which is sure to spark some interest. I mean, Minecraft in Minecraft is pretty cool! With that said, I hope you found some of this interesting, and have a great day.

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