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Weekly News Digest – June 25th, 2021

Posted: Jun 25, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good morning to all you lovely peeps. I am here to bring you another week of awesome and interesting news. Although the newest update, the Caves and Cliffs update, has just released its first phase, Mojang has already been working on 1.17.1. A snapshot in the form of 1.17.1 Pre Update 1 has been released, and it’s sure to include a fair amount of bug fixes to patch up whatever was discovered by the community.

1.17.1 pre-update

The Pre Update also includes some actual changes, like Blue Axolotls only being obtainable through breeding and Copper having a decreased drop rate on Drowned. You can read the official changelog provided by Minecraft if you would like more information.

Apex Hosting News

Straight from the back of the oven, our staff.

Erika – Erika bought a lot of snacks yesterday and ate them, she regrets her decisions

Sam – Sam says it’s not news day.

Daniel – Daniel is still alive

Octavio – Octavio just got completion marks for normal characters on the binding of isaac repentance and he’s almost done with the game!

Allan – Allan acquired universe sandbox and smashed some planets!

John – John doesn’t have much to say, but he’s getting better at Sim Racing. Less frequent crashes, but still an occurrence.

Dave – Hard at work, bringing you the best of content!

Apex Hosting Changelog

– We have implemented a new refresh system for the Console page on the panel! What this does is automatically increase the refresh rate based on console activity, when you send commands or have a lot of lines coming through it will refresh 10x faster to provide a much more responsive experience.
– The embed/sidebar image on the site has been updated to new Caves and Cliffs graphics.


This week, we’re going to try something new. Rather than have the community gulp, I’m going to give you the latest and greatest news on Valheim, now that it’s under the games we provide servers for!

new food valheim

The official roadmap for the game has had changes made, with new content being shown off on Steam’s content tracker. The upcoming update, dubbed Hearth and Home will include new build pieces, new foods, and plantable onions. There will also be an AMA on Reddit that you can check out on the subreddit. You can read the official changelog on Steam if you want more information regarding future updates and new content.


Welp, that’s everything! I came here to bring you the latest and greatest news around and I’ve done my job. Minecraft is still updating quite frequently, and that’s good news. The office is quite lively, even though it’s virtual. Everyone seems to be doing their own thing, and doing it quite well. Valheim is also doing things ok. I like the transparency they have with their content being worked on, especially since it’s a Steam game. Steam games typically are very closed off with their development. In any case, I hope you all have a great day!

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