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Weekly News Digest – June 18th, 2021

Posted: Jun 18, 2021 in Minecraft

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone and good afternoon. My name is Dave, and welcome to the 53rd week of our blog! Let’s jump right in. In terms of the craft, there is little to be reported on. Ever since 1.17 Part 1 launched, we haven’t gotten any major bug fixes or reported changelogs for updates, but I would still expect 1.17.1 in around a month or sooner. There is no announced release date for Part 2, but I’ve speculated that it can take anywhere from 6-8 months to finish.


Everyone is having fun with the new mechanics and blocks, creating tons of different projects. Although this isn’t the update in its entirety, the community doesn’t seem to care much. Everyone’s more focused on getting the new advancements and playing around with Amethyst shards.

My favorite part of the update has to be the Axolotls. They’re just too cute, and they can even fight for you! I think I am going to hoard a few dozen buckets of them and then release them all at once to help me in combat, like a little army.

Apex Hosting News

Oh man, I’m getting old.

Kyle – Kyle started watching Breaking Bad for the first time, and he thinks its aight!

Aaron – It’s Aaron’s birthday next week, and he plans on going to the zoo. Awesome!

Erika – Erika has a pink chair. Chair, pink.

Matt – Matt has been biking, and has finally gotten some Indians baseball tickets. He’s super pumped!

Dave – Today, I’m going to try the new Ch’King from Burger King. Wish me luck!

Daniel – Daniel’s garage door is broken so his car is being held hostage. HE also got a new dryer because his broke. Further on, the Postage office is holding his mail hostage since they chose to require a signature. What luck!

Apex Hosting Changelog

– We have implemented a new refresh system for the Console page on the panel! This automatically increases the refresh rate based on console activity, when you send commands or have a lot of lines coming through it will refresh 10x faster to provide a much more responsive experience.

– The embed/sidebar image on the site has been updated to new Caves and Cliffs graphics.

Community Gulp

Alright, this week I have a pretty cool build by a Reddit user by the name of InfinitePancake. InfinitePancake has designed a really simple yet unique build that involves making a Nether Portal, or rather a few of them that resemble a sword! It’s quite impressive, as it looks like the giant sword is stuck in the ground at an angle.

nether portal sword

Unique builds like these is why I love Minecraft and its community. They consistently shine by having new ideas every week, despite the fact the game is over a decade old. Never change!


Welp, that’s the news! Although Mojang hasn’t released any new content, that won’t stop me from intruding on your day! While Part 2 is still in the works, we can gawk at the adorability of Axolotls. The Apex crew is doing just fine, and although I couldn’t get most of them to come out of their holes, I got enough. For the community gulp, I delved back into Reddit to show you all a cool build, and I’ll be stealing it for myself another day. That’s everything! With that being said, have a great day!

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