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Weekly News Digest – July 9th, 2020

Posted: Jul 9, 2020 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft Updates

Not much going on with Minecraft itself. 1.16.2 is around the corner, with the new Piglin Brute but it isn’t’ out just yet. A couple more snapshots and we’ll be golden. Some speculation has gone on about 1.17, but it is pure speculation. Most players want a Cave Update, as that is the most popular suggestion on the Minecraft Feedback page. For more than a few months, Mojang has ignored it. Could that be evidence towards its acknowledgment, or am I looking too deep into it? Minecraft News
Seems like the players are pretty vocal about what they want, but to what avail? You can vote on suggestions and even give your own on the Minecraft Feedback page here

Bedrock Edition Sale

minecraft summer sale
In a somewhat spontaneous way, Mojang has announced a Summer Sale on their marketplace for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft! Between July 3rd – July 13th, you can snag over 70 items, skins, and maps on sale with each day having two items on 75% off. On top of this, there’s a free map that you can snag for free, along with a free emote!

Community Gulp

Something amazing has sprouted in the Minecraft community, yet again. But first, some context! Basically, here in the United States we have the 1st Amendment, which allows freedom of speech and press.
In many countries, social media, websites and blogs are all controlled by oppressive leaders. People are forced to grow up with their opinions manipulated by governmental disinformation campaigns, as put by the RSF (Reporters Without Borders) on their website.

To counter these immoral acts, the RSF has found a loophole within Minecraft that allows them to share the informative articles, blogs, texts, and press that are censored in less fortunate countries. They have created the Uncensored Library, a public server and map download that houses a mass of information and publications in all different languages in the form of books in-game! This is all organized in a massive beautiful building with different sections for different countries.
You can play on the Uncensored Library on 1.14.4 on the IP: visit.uncensoredlibrary.com or you can get the map download on their website.

Apex Hosting Changelog

Our development team has been hard at work to bring new updates and features to our services both internal and external. Below are the public facing updates which may impact you and your experience with Apex Hosting.

  • A fix has been implemented to prevent Multicraft from removing ? from the server console, this will resolve any issues with links from console such as timings reports.
  • Previously the JAR dropdown at checkout was not sorted in the same order as the dropdown on the panel, this has been corrected.
  • “FTP Address” has been changed to “FTP Address (Host)” on the FTP Details page, this should prevent confusion as most FTP clients refer to the address as “Host”.
  • Copy to Clipboard buttons have been added to the Server IP field and to the FTP Details
  • A new Restart All button has been added to the My Servers page, this will restart all servers owned by the client.
  • A new widget has been created for the billing panel to show a list of client payment methods and a direct link to the page to edit them. This should make it easier for clients to find where to edit their payment methods.
  • The Node List page no longer caches location information for 60 minutes and will remove old deleted nodes on it’s own.

Private Changes

  • A warning has been added to the Config Files page regarding setting a view-distance higher than 10. If a client enters a value over 10 they will receive a notice when saving the config recommending they lower it.


End it off!

Sadly, that’s all I have for you all today. I think that we can all agree that this week was pretty packed! A new mob (although it’s a variant), a new DLC for Dungeons, and a historical adventure reaches an epic conclusion! What more could you ask for from Mojang and the Minecraft community? Definitely pleased. In summary, thanks for catching up with us and I hope you have a great day!

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