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Weekly News Digest – July 23rd, 2021

Posted: Jul 23, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello awesome guys and gals, and welcome to our weekly blog! It’s been a relatively uneventful week, but I’ll bring you the latest and greatest as always. In regards to Minecraft, Mojang has released an experimental snapshot which includes the new Caves and Cliffs mountains, biomes, and more.

1.18 experimental snapshot

As the new experimental snapshot is experimental, that is an indication that things are subject to change. “But Mr. Dave!” I hear you ask “Aren’t all snapshots subject to change anyway?” Well yes and no. Although normal snapshots are subject to change, they are pretty representative of the features we can expect in the related update. Experimental snapshots almost always are changed drastically before the final product. This basically means that you shouldn’t get comfortable with the new snapshot’s generation, as it is anything but final.

You can read the full changelog of the experimental snapshot on the official Minecraft website.

Apex Hosting News

It’s hard writing these on a phone.

Daniel – Daniel got this thing called an Azeron, which he claims is a gaming keyboard. Dope.

Nahuel – Nahuel is beating Sekiro no hit. He’s on his way and he’ll probably do it!

Dave – I have black mold! It sucks, and I’m working on my phone, but I’ll make it! I’ll be checking with the doctors to see if I have anything, so wish me luck.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– Added All of Fabric 4, Seapolis, Better Minecraft, and Airplane to checkout.


Have you ever heard of Valheim Hearth and Home? Hearth and Home will be the first major update to Valheim, as it is mentioned in the game’s roadmap. Even future updates are named already, those being Cut of the Wolf, Ships and the Sea, and Mistlands.

hearth and home

The developers have been hard at work fixing issues to allow the update to work on multiplayer, particularly on dedicated servers. Bosses are also going to be reworked to be more challenging.

This new update will primarily focus on base building and cooking, hence the name. Expect new features like spice racks, butcher tables, pots, pans, new food systems, and food that caters to certain playstyles. Overall, this is bound to be an awesome update. We can expect it to release sometime in Q3 of this year, so be on the lookout!


Well, that’s the week. Fairly uneventful, but there are things to come! Minecraft is no longer just working on Part 2 of Caves and Cliffs, but almost finished. It’s honestly impressive. The Apex crew is doing good as well, so that’s nice. Valheim is revving up for its biggest update yet, which will compose one of its four large content updates. Can’t wait! That concludes our weekly blog, so have a great day.

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