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Weekly News Digest – July 16th, 2021

Posted: Jul 16, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good evening, everybody! I’m Dave, and welcome to the 57th week of our news blog. When it comes to Minecraft, we really don’t have much to say, as there is no new snapshot or update to report on.

You’re just gonna have to tune in next week, and pray that there is an actionable report on Caves and Cliffs part 2. In the meanwhile, enjoy waiting!

Minecraft Dungeons

It’s been a while since we’ve reported on Dungeons, so let’s give you the business. Minecraft Dungeons is releasing its newest DLC, and a rebranded ‘Ultimate’ edition, to solidify the fact that the game now has 6 DLC all with unique and interesting designs. The newest one, “Echoing Void” is expected to drop July 28th and has an End theme, full with End cities and awesome Enderman hybrids!

echoing void minecraft dungeons

Just as they have with all other updates, there is also a portion of the content update which will be entirely free. This includes the Gauntlet of Gales, a new maze-like mission that will put your skills to the test! Now although this update is End themed, this isn’t the end… or is it? Confusion aside, more content is planned for the future, and Minecraft Dungeons is expected to receive ongoing updates to come. You can find more information on the official Minecraft blog.

Apex Hosting News

Alright, alright. Not everyone at once now.

Daniel – Daniel will be able to go rock climbing this weekend. Have fun!

Aaron – Aaron’s area is in lockdown due to Covid, and he might be going to KFC to cash in on a deal that offers 10 tenders for 8 bucks. That’s a steal!

Erika – Erika is sick, sleepy, and knitting a stand mixer cover shaped like a strawberry shortcake. How adorable!

Lloyd – Lloyd says that his city should be locked down and he thinks it says a lot about society… and yet we live in one…

Dave – I am working on making a comic. Definitely not gonna be the artist, but the writer. We’ll see how it goes.

Ricky – Ricky has a soccer game for his league tonight, and he’s pumped for the ending of Loki. It’ll probably be an ok finale.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– As you already know we’ve updated WHMCS to the latest 8.2.1 release. This didn’t go entirely as planned but all seems good now.
– We have launched Rust on the panel! The game is now available to all plans on 5GB+, there are a handful of Meta fields for this version so be sure to give them a look over if you haven’t already. We do have full RCON support via the console which will allow you to run commands directly from there, and uMod/Oxide support can be toggled on with a checkbox on the panel.
– The main site has been updated with additional references to Rust across it, knowledgebase updates coming soon.


For Valheim, there has been no patches or content updates. I’m assuming people are pleased with the last patch and how it fixed the rampaging nature that the content update before instated, because we haven’t had any changes since.

In any case, nothing to report here, so just keep waiting until I have something.


Welp, that’s the week! Not much has gone on, but it was enough to report on. Minecraft Dungeons is finally reaching a state where I might actually go back to it. At least, that’s what the “Ultimate” branding implies. Minecraft and Valheim both don’t have much to say when it comes to new content, so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Tune in next week, where I’ll start to report on our newest game, Rust, and all things regarding that. In any case, that’s my time, so have a great day!

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