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Weekly News Digest – January 30th, 2021

Posted: Jan 30, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone, and welcome to a week with actual news! Mojang is back from their hiatus and is here to bring us an awesome snapshot with some new content. This week, I announce to you the official implementation of the Glow Squid and all of its associated items.

glow squid

Snapshot 21w03a brings forth the Glow Squid, Glow Ink Sacs, Glow Lichen, and Glow Item Frames, all of which don’t actually glow! Animosity aside, the Glow Squid is a new variant of the Squid that drops Glow Inc Sacs, which can be used to make Item Frames and text on signs glow brighter. Sadly, this will not make them luminescent, but just the item itself brighter. Glow Lichen is a new light source that generates in caves, and can be placed or picked up like vines. 21w03a also brings us numerous bug fixes, of which you can check the changelog for here. We’re one step closer to 1.17, guys!

Apex Hosting News

Yep, it’s that part of the news. Let’s see what these guys are up to.

Kyle: Kyle has finished school! Congratulations!

Ricky: Ricky has been working out hard!

Noah: Noah is going through quarantine week, so good luck to him! We wish him the best!

Daniel: Daniel is starting school again. I hope you do well, man!

Cory: Cory is going to Bingo night! Woot woot!

Dave: I’m making it. 🙂

Community Gulp

Anybody remember this old thing? That’s right. It’s the original picture that started one of the most popular creepypastas of all time, and the scariest Minecraft horror story ever. Notch’s supposedly dead brother has haunted us for a while, but have you ever wondered where this screenshot was taken? Me neither! A user by the name of Andrew_555 found the seed somehow, and now has allowed the rest of the internet to play on the super scary foggy oak forest that houses the shadowy figure!

herobrine is real

If you would like to play on the world yourself and check out the iconic landscape, the world seed is 478868574082066804. The game version is Alpha V1.0.16_02. The coordinates are X=5, Y=71, Z=-298.

It seems like every month a new mystery gets solved, or a really old question gets answers. I don’t understand it much, but I think it’s pretty cool.


Welp, what an eventful week! We have finally received the ever anticipated Glow Squid from Minecraft Live, and it looks pretty good. I’m very fond of the noise it makes when you’re close to it. It’s almost like a sort of sparkling or glistening. Anyway, the seed for that one picture taken long ago being discovered is pretty cool. Sometimes I wonder how people are able to reverse engineer to that degree. In any case, I’m glad I could bring a good news haul for you guys. Have a great day!

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