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Weekly News Digest – January 22nd, 2021

Posted: Jan 22, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 32nd week of breathtakingly interesting and thought-provoking news. We have a good haul this week, and some surprises, so let’s get right into it. First off, Mojang comes out of hiding to give us an update, but not a snapshot. A full update? That’s right. 1.16.5 has been released along with one of the smallest changelogs I’ve ever seen, contrary to the typical hyper-detailed and graph filled ones that I’m used to.

Minecraft 1.16.5

Anyway, the update was made to fix “two critical stability issues.” Mojang has said they will not disclose what these two issues are to protect servers which have not yet updated. Essentially, I have no idea what this update did, and I have no information on the update for you. Sorry! I do however know how to read, just a little. On the changelog, Adrian wrote that we can expect a Caves and Cliffs snapshot next week, so look forward to that! I don’t know why you would want to, but if you would like to read the official changelog, you can find it here.

Apex Hosting News

The best of the best drop in with their stuff and thangs. Bask in their glory.

Daniel: Daniel is starting to work on his new PC, I hope it doesn’t break!

Erika: Erika has dyed her hair pink. Quite unorthodox, but who cares?

Drew: Drew has dyed his hair gray, and has been using an alarm clock that shakes his bed. Quite exciting! He has also applied to uni, so I hope he gets accepted!

Kyle: Kyle has finished his final school assignment and is reviewing it rigorously. Good luck!

David: Me? I’m just chillin. Not doing anything interesting is the ideal.

Community Spotlight

minecraft shiganshina scaled

So, you all like anime? What about mainstream anime? Probably not, but too bad. Today, I want to show you an awesome build made by the Reddit user, FoxicalOW. Foxical recreated Shiganshina District from the infamous Attack on Titan anime with extremely authentic accuracy. Not only are there individual houses with windows, details, and a bunch of other things, but the surrounding wall is also faithfully recreated. The surrounding area completes the build by showing off a huge river that goes from out the wall, under, and in with a series of bridges that cross over. This is truly the best build based on Attack on Titan that I have ever seen! You can check it out on Foxical’s Reddit here.


Welp, that’s this week done and dealt. I’m glad that we actually got some changes from Mojang after that lengthy hiatus, but at the same time I kind of feel guilty for feeling entitled to updates weekly. Quite the situation. The Apex team is as awesome as ever, with more than one person dying their hair. For the spotlight this week I decided to show you guys something I thought awesome, mostly because I like watching anime. In any case, it’s still an awesome looking build. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s blog, so have a great day!

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