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Weekly News Digest – February 12th, 2021

Posted: Feb 12, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Good evening, everybody! Welcome back to a new week full of juicy news! This time around, Mojang brings us two brand new snapshots with a fair amount of features along with some new blocks. Snapshots 21w05a and 21w06a will be known as the lushest snapshots ever brings along azaleas, dripleaf, moss, glowberries and much more!


Sadly, you’ll need to go into creative mode to check out some of these new features as they have not been implemented yet. However, the awesome new caves are have been implemented and they are a work in progress. Eventually, these blocks and features will make up a decent amount of the cave systems. My favorite part of the new snapshot are the glowberries, which are a cool new luminescent foodsource that grow on their own specific vines. The vines cannot be climbed like the vines we are used to, but they look much cooler! There are plans to raise the world height limit by 64 blocks, but it isn’t finished yet. If you want, you can check out the full changelogs here and here.

Apex Hosting News

All in all, it’s gonna be a tiring week.

Daniel: Daniel has finished his PC! Congrats!

Cory: Cory’s Discord account has been disabled, and Discord has refused to reinstate it.

Erika: Erika has painted her case pink.

Lloyd: Lloyd went to a really fancy restaurant on accident.

Kyle: Kyle just learned that it was Tuesday!

Dave: I’m doing alright.

Community Gulp

Minecraft Dungeons has reached 10 million players! Although that isn’t even a fraction of the people that play normal Minecraft, which is in the hundreds of millions, Dungeons is no small feat. TEN MILLION people is a whole lot of people, bigger than some states.

minecraft dungeons 10 million

Gamers worldwide banded together to make the hack-and-slash top-down game a major success which is sure to update with tons of content in the future. Although I personally don’t find Dungeons nearly as enjoyable as the craft, it is here to stay in the Minecraft library. For more to come!


Welp, that’s everything I got for you. It’s been a pretty good week overall, and I expect there to be many more. In regards to 1.17, there is still much more work to be done on the technical side, but the actual content of the update is mostly finished. There will most likely be one more biome added, and then the implementation of the Warden. Next, the Apex team is as cheerful and interesting as ever. If they weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. In regards to popularity, Minecraft Dungeons is finally making its way into the mainstream. With all that being said, have a great day!

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