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Weekly News Digest – December 3rd, 2020

Posted: Dec 3, 2020 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone! I’m back with the usual haul, so be prepared! We got some mediocre news this week! For the big stuff, we have a new snapshot! I don’t know why I’m always surprised, this happens every week. Snapshot 20w48a brings upon many changes to Dripstone along with some mechanical changes. Now, a new item called “Pointed Dripstone” has been added, which will be the primary way you place the block. It works sort of like Scaffolding in the sense that if you right-click a pre-existing block of Pointed Dripstone, it will place another on top or below it, depending on if it is a Stalactite or Stalagmite.


We also have a way to make infinite lava now! With Dripstone, if there is a lava source above it, the Dripstone will slowly drip lava, which can then have a cauldron placed below to catch it. This was an odd change, but I’m glad we can now have renewable lava. On top of all of this, there were dozens of bug fixes and technical changes to boot. Overall, a great snapshot bringing us a step closer to the big day. You can check out the official changelog here.

Apex Hosting News

C’mon now. It’s this part of the blog, so you gotta read through it.

Aaron – Aaron seems to be buying land in the hopes of building a gamer house, and possibly including a home theater. That sounds awesome!

Dave – Yours truly is focused on eating food and doing hard work! I gotta pump out these blog posts, and hopefully, make them prettier for you guys to look at.

Drew – Drew finished Skyrim and Oblivion for the 10th time, which is cool!

Apex Hosting Changelog

– We have officially launched our EX Series! This is a 15GB plan that offers 4 dedicated vCores. These are currently available in VA, OR and UK, more to come. These nodes are considered package groups and can be seen in the node list.

– The pricing page has had a complete overhaul, you will now notice green buttons and a better layout, along with a repositioned Proxy plan and EX Series plan.

– A Server Specs page has been created to allow clients to see what hardware we use in each region. https://apexminecrafthosting.com/server-specs/

– Homepage FAQ section has been updated to be aligned better.

– Getting Started tutorial links in the WHMCS checkout completion page have been hotfixed and will work properly.

– Our original MySQL Server we provide our clients was configured to allow us to easily manage the space, however, clients want their dynmap and core protect in their database. So, the model once again outgrew it and decided to upgrade the server to a Dedicated Server with some way better specs such as:

AMD EPYC 7351P 16-Core Processor 🦾
128 GB DDR4 :D
NVMe Drives 🏃‍♂️


Community Spotlight

svetts hardcore world

This week, I’m here to show you Svett’s hardcore world. He’s on a journey to survive as long as he can on the hardest difficulty, using a texture pack and shaders to make the experience as immersive as possible. Good luck to you, friend Svett!

Community Gulp

An awesome thing has happened to our favorite block game once again! Reddit user KevinJNGuy01 has managed to convert the entirety of Google Maps into Minecraft! The technicalities are somewhat of a mystery from our perspective, but the footage provided seems to show a legitimate import of the 3-dimensional renders made by Google Maps.

Sadly, due to some legality issues with the distribution of Google’s property, KevinJNGuy01 cannot share his methods or the files that he has used to do this. Although, that isn’t to say people can’t see the awesome landscapes he has created with his program! You can check it all out right here.

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