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Weekly News Digest – December 31st, 2020

Posted: Dec 31, 2020 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello everyone! We have quite a small haul of news for you all this week, but I’ll be sure to make it as interesting as possible. First off, how about we give ourselves a pat on the back for Minecraft being acknowledged as Youtube’s most-watched game by a huge margin! Over the weekend, Youtube revealed that Minecraft is the most popular video game watched on youtube, with Roblox in second place with less than half the views. Minecraft won with over 200 BILLION views!

youtube trends

Sadly, Mojang has not blessed us with a snapshot this week, so I have nothing to report content-wise. We can only assume the next update will include even more content revealed from Minecraft Live, and maybe even start development on new content. The Caves and Cliffs update is looking to be a fairly strong competitor to the Nether Update, and may even be better when it is fully released.

Apex Hosting News

I know you guys will never get bored of all these dudes. C’mon now!

Erika: Erika is making empanadas with Christmas leftovers. She’s also started painting coasters, but she needs more paints. I wish her good luck!

Joseph: Joseph is working on a lot of different mod packs for work, and he has been writing up lots of guides. He also has Red Bull entering his bloodstream through an IV, which is… interesting.

Dave: I’ve been alive. I eat food, I write stuff, and I love gaming! Can’t wait for the new CoD Zombies map.

Ricky: Ricky is signed up for guitar lessons online. I hope to hear some good tunes later!

Apex Hosting Changelog

– A warning has been added to the backups page on the panel about deletion after termination: “Note: Backups created here are deleted upon server termination or cancellation. We recommend downloading your server backups using FTP below.”

– A bug with the new Zip/Unzip changes has been patched to allow files with spaces in their name to work properly.

– A new ‘Mods’ category has been added to the Knowledgebase page on the main website.

– The Server Specs page has been updated to include new server models and remove old ones.

– A cart icon has been added to the header on both the main website and billing, this will lead you directly to your cart on whmcs.

Community Spotlight

Tron bike

Hey everyone! This week I wanted to show you This awesome Tron themed pack that adds a few high-poly models based on the vehicles made by a very talented creator by the name of Flubberschnub Schnyxteboutle. Ain’t that a mouthful! He also has made many other data packs that you can check out here!

Community Gulp

mt everest stream

Using the Terra 1 to 1 mod, a Reddit user by the name of G0ularte recreated Mt. Everest in a 1:1 scale (one block for one cubic meter) and then actually climbed it until he reached the top. It took him over three hours and forty minutes to climb the whole thing! That’s quite impressive, as he did the entire thing on live stream, so congratulations to him. He did it a little faster than a typical IRL hike, which usually takes around two weeks, but it is impressive nonetheless. You can check out the original post here.

The Terra 1 to 1 mod has experienced more use ever since the Build The Earth project has gained traction. The mod basically allows players to recreate Earth to scale using Google Maps satellite scannings to a scary accurate degree. To be exact, a 1:1 degree using meters.


Quite the uneventful week, yet I still feel the need to keep you all informed. In regards to actual big news, there isn’t much. Minecraft is slowly developing the Caves and Cliffs update privately in Mojang HQ. Apex Staff are having fun as always, although not that many were present to tolerate me. On the community spotlight I wanted to show you a cool pack brought to my attention by another Apex employee, so thanks for that! Lastly, we went over a streamer on Reddit who climbed Mt. Everest in Minecraft. As per usual, even when there’s nothing going on, there’s something going on. Have a great day!

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