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Weekly News Digest – December 10th, 2020

Posted: Dec 10, 2020 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hey all, Dave here. We got a good set of news for all of you this week, so let’s jump right in. Minecraft releases yet another weekly snapshot upon us, 20w49a. The Skulk Sensors that were shown to us at Minecraft Live are finally here, and a new Cave Biome has been added. The Dripstone Caves look and feel awesome to experience for the first time. Watch your head! Those Stalactites are dangerous. If you didn’t know, Stalactites are the spikes on the ceiling, while Stalagmites are the spikes protruding from the floor. The more you know!
Mojang also gave us a good amount of information regarding the mechanics behind the Skulk Sensors, which is nice. That way, the community doesn’t have to do the work for them like we usually do… This includes a list of all the frequency values for each type of noise along with a good description of how the block works. I’m genuinely impressed with the technical tidbits and level of explanation displayed here. Keep it up Mojang! You can get more information on the snapshot and check the full changelog here.


In other places, we still have yet to hear more information about the Microsoft accounts transfer from Mojang accounts. Ever since the last snapshot, there has been a little notification on the bottom of the Minecraft launcher which says that they have not started migrating accounts yet and that they will ‘let us know’ which in my opinion could be a little more descript.

In an odd series of events, Minecraft has hit a new landmark of 400 million registered users. Something smells fishy though… Wasn’t the last milestone 300 million only a few weeks ago? What’s with the major spike with no apparent cause? Well, there is an apparent cause. If you didn’t know, Minecraft is actually free to play in China right now! This allowed the playerbase to basically double in a very short amount of time. I mean, it’s free! Why not?

Apex Hosting News

Got a very small news haul, sadly. Just not many people doing much these days. Perhaps everyone is just a little busy today, no biggie!

Dave – What have I been up to? Nothing! I’ll be taking more hours over Winter break, so hopefully I’ll be able to bring all of you even MORE awesome content!

Joseph – Joseph is dealing with lots of wordy physics under the power of Red Bull. I bet he’ll make it!

Elias – Elias is Christmas shopping. Typical.

Community Spotlight

zachs parkour

This week, I’m showing you some awesome parkour made by zach2004ish for his server, Tranquil Craft! Looks like loads of NOT fun from all the times I would fall, but good luck!

Community Gulp

You all hear about the new RTX 3000 series graphics cards? No? Yes? Well, oddly enough, a Minecraft builder under the name of Alan Geisse made a replica of a PC with a brand-spankin’ new RTX 3070 inside of it. Now, the build definitely is not as expensive as the real-world counterpart, but it’s still cool! A water cooling loop on the Graphics Card on top of the motherboard, CPU Cooler, and literal water flowing in tubes make the build look very cool! I’d take the real one over the Minecraft one any day, but still! You can check out Alan’s build on his own video showcase here.


Well, that was quite the week if I do say so myself, and I do. We had yet another snapshot full of features, but definitely not as impressive as last week’s. The Apex Team is happy and healthy as well, enjoying their gifts from Santa (or the Hanukkah fairy!) In regards to the community, it seems builders never cease to amaze me with their awesome builds. I mean, a full desktop? With water cooling? C’mon now. Anyways, you all have a great week!

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