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Weekly News Digest – August 6th, 2021

Posted: Aug 6, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good morning! It’s Dave, back again to bring you another week of interesting yet underwhelming news. In terms of actual updates or snapshots, I don’t have anything for you, but there is other stuff! For the entirety of summer, Minecraft is celebrating Pride!


Sofia Dankis from the Minecraft team is asking users like you to create a Pride themed skin that is an expression of yourself. Create it, submit it, and then the best ones will be posted on the official Minecraft website. Remember to include your gamertag or username to receive full credit. To submit a skin, send it in the form of an email to FeatureMe@minecraft.net. The theme is PRIDE.

Apex Hosting News

Azerons are pretty cool

Daniel – Daniel has been using an Azeron, and he says he likes it.

Robert – Robert bought a plant and placed it on his desk.

Kyle – Kyle just dropped some dough on some home gym equipment. He’s about to get shredded!

Aaron – Aaron got a ringing doorbell!

Santiago – Santiago is a newly hired dude. Welcome!

Dave – Dave! I’m tired, and I ripped up my entire floor due to black mold. Yeah, it sucks, but that’s been my last few weeks.

Erika – Erika knitted a hat!

Octavio – Octavio’s mod for The Binding of Isaac got stuck. He says he needs to wait for the next game update to see if he can get it working with the new features he’ll bring. For now, he’s started playing on a second save file.

Kevin – Kevin has gotten new glasses, and can finally see objects five feet away clearly.

Apex Changelog

– The ‘Additional Ports’ page now has the ability to add descriptions to your assigned ports. This should make it easier for clients to remember what they go to for things like Dynmap, Votifier, etc.
– The ‘World Trim’ function in the sidebar of the server page is now available to clients with an easier to use interface. The staff version of the function still allows custom queries.
– There is a new ‘Resend Welcome Email’ button for services in WHMCS, this will allow clients to easily resend the welcome email for their service incase they delete it or change their email.


That’s right! You’re getting Rust news today. Have you purchased your Rust server yet? Probably not, but let’s see some reasons why you may want to!

Rust Fight

Have you ever wanted to brutally gun down random players for no reason other than the way they looked at you? Of course you have! This is the main draw of Rust. A survival game based on base building, PvP action, and hardcore survival. Oh, and don’t forget proximity chat!

The latest Rust update also adds a plethora of features that make it much more enjoyable to play. New technologies like DLSS and things like map making tools are really awesome additions. Go ahead and give Rust a try, and I’m sure you won’t regret it.


Welp, that’s this week’s news. Not too eventful, as always, but just be on the lookout for the day when I report on every game in the same week. That’ll be the day, amirite? In any case, I highly recommend you check out Rust, along with our servers. It is truly a… well, I was going to say a unique experience, but it isn’t unique. It’s kind of like most PvP survival games, just better. Regardless, I hope I gave you some new information today, and with that, have a wonderful week.

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