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Weekly News Digest – August 13th, 2021

Posted: Aug 13, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Good morning and hello to all of you beasts! Welcome to another week of our awesome and interesting news blog. In regards to Minecraft, I have absolutely nothing for you! I know, Mojang has been somewhat dark for the past couple of weeks. We’ve been waiting for the second half of Caves and Cliffs for quite some time now, and I don’t have any information on how much longer we’re going to have to wait. A somewhat reliable source informed me that the second half will be called 1.18, and if that’s the case, we’ll probably have to wait for a while longer.

All in all, I’m a patient man, but this is quite the wait! I’m still interested to see how 1.18 affects the game as a whole and changes Minecraft for the better, but I just wish it would come a little quicker, you know? Regardless, it will probably be good.

Apex Hosting News

Oh boy, I’m a little tired.

Sam – Meetings not over yet. I agree.

Daniel – Anime.

Kenneth – Kenneth said he would lose track of the week without this blog, so he’s welcome!

Aaron – Aaron has been working, studying, and sleeping

Apex Hosting Changelog

– A new resource graph system has been implemented on the panel! The graph is now easier to read, stores history between page views and is available on the Console page.
– The new WebFTP editor is back! Fixed up a couple of the issues it had from last time. You should now have proper syntax highlighting and error detection in popular formats such as .yml .json etc.
– A visual issue with the lines between sections in the sidebar on some tutorials has been resolved.
– The modpacks list pages have been updated with a more responsive friendly CSS system.
– Footer links to our new games have been added to the Billing panel.


For Rust, there’s a fairly large update here. Multiple types of fish, sharks, fishing, spear guns, submarines, new locations, numerous bug fixes, and more. This update is somewhat nautical themed, and I think that’s pretty cool. Not many survival games focus on fish and water, besides Subnautica I guess.

rust submarine going deep

My favorite aspect of this new update are that there are two types of submarines. The single person one, and the two person one. Now you can look at these new sharks without having to worry about your safety.


Welp, that’s everything that’s changed as of late. Minecraft has nothing for nobody. The Apex crew was somewhat absent, but I still had a handful of them pitch in to today’s blog. Rust is the big star of today’s notes, though. With those awesome submarines and literal sharks, they’re definitely expanding into the edges of their map, if that makes any sense. In any case, I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog.

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