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Weekly News Digest – April 23rd, 2021

Posted: Apr 23, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott

Minecraft News

Hello and welcome to the 45th week of our lovely news blog. Today, we’ve got some fairly interesting stuff to talk about. We have another snapshot with the release of 21w15a, which brings a few changes to the raw ores textures and lots of technical fixes. Markers are a new server-side entity, chat component separators are now added, and over a dozen bugs have been fixed. One of the biggest changes is custom server resource packs, which basically allow servers to add a custom message along with a prompt that can be used to download the resource pack. This is quite an awesome change, and I’m sure servers will appreciate it. You can view the full changelog here.


The next update is one of great importance, but also complexity. The Caves and Cliffs update is now being split up into two separate updates which will release at different seasons due to the complexity of the mod, quality control, and the health of the Minecraft team. This is a big change, and we still do not have any confirmed release dates for either part of the update. We will be releasing a blog with further information and an in depth explanation as to why this is happening, but for the time being you can watch the official video from Mojang here.

Apex Hosting News

That time of the week. You already know what it is.

Joseph – Redbull. Joseph purchased a discord support bot and also worked on the new factions gametype update, and that’s all.

Daniel – Daniel got some new vinyl records to play, and ordered some stuff from Japan. It will most likely take a mysterious amount of time to get to him, though.

Seth – Seth bought and moved into his first house!

Erika – Erika got a desk, finally and more plants. She’s also halfway through crocheting a blanket, and made a ton of pillows.

Ricky – Ricky acquired his second dose of the vaccine recently.

Kenneth – Kenneth broke his chair, and nearly a bone with it.

Apex Hosting Changelog

– The idle timeout for the panel we rolled out last week has had a few revisions
1. The inactivity system will no longer apply to staff
2. The inactivity timeout is increased to 30 minutes
3. It no longer uses a full sized popup but instead uses a notification at the top of the page
4. It will auto-resume updates once there is activity, you don’t have to close a popup
5. Updates are also now paused/resumed immediately based on tab visibility

– Panel FTP actions such as Move/Delete/Zip will now be logged in audit logs (keep in mind this is only for WebFTP, external apps are not logged)

– A Blog feed has been added to the main site homepage to show the latest 3 posts and a brief excerpt.

Community Gulp

Today, I want to show you an awesome fan-made trailer for a hypothetical River Update! The trailer was made by a YouTuber by the name of disruptive builds, and showcases multiple different types of rivers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, and how they would look in this possible update. All of the ideas they have are quite varied and look very fitting to the actual game, so I hope Mojang takes notice!

river update

The video then goes on to show the creation of all the different types of builds in the trailer through the use of time lapses. They even made a logo for the update. What incredible detail!


Well, that’s this week done and dealt. We had some very interesting things happen down at Minecraft HQ, and I wish them the best. They’re doing everything they can to provide the best possible experience to their players, sometimes at the expense of the health of their team. That isn’t cool. In regards to the Apex team, they’re all doing great. Everyone has their own thing going on. Also, the community is as creative as ever, making that awesome hypothetical trailer. In any case, I am glad to have brought you this haul of news, and have a great day.

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