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Weekly News Digest #94 – April 1st, 2022

Posted: Apr 1, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello, gamers! Welcome to the 94th weekly news blog. Terribly sorry for the lack of blogs, but you can credit that to my own incompetence. I may or may not have taken a last-minute vacation, so I hope you’ll forgive me. In any case, let’s jump right into that juicy haul. Right off the bat, we have a major confirmation on some things. New additions in the form of snapshot 22w12a. But what are we looking forward to today? Well, we have some changes to the upcoming new enchantment, improved shriekers, a long-requested feature, and more!


With 22w12a, we are finally seeing the implementation of the brand new Chestboats! Every wood variant now has its own chest boat, which is essentially a boat that replaces the second seat with a chest! How cool is that? It’s about fourteen cool. Definitely a great addition to the game. Next, the deep dark has seen some improvements. The Warden has finally made its way to Java Edition in this snapshot, and it has some new attack animations along with some buffs. Shriekers also sound much scarier, yikes! The darkness effect has also been improved all around. Swift Sneak will now have three levels, with the third level allowing the player to move at 75% of the walking speed. Lastly, leaves are now waterloggable! It looks very interesting, so I can’t wait to see some builds using this. That’s the sum of the snapshot! If it pleases, you can read the full changelog for more information.

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Team News

The new enchantment be bumpin ngl

Erika – Erika’s zulu giant blossomed, but unfortunately it is the ugliest flower she has ever seen. That sucks.

Santiago – Santiago is sleepy and hungry, but he doesn’t want to get out of bed.

Ricky – Ricky is moving to a new house this Friday. Sounds exciting!

Octavio – Octavio started playing Forza with Antonio and some other friends, and they enjoyed themselves.

Daniel – Daniel just got back from a week in San Fransisco where he got to meet some of our lovely team in person. Most of us work remotely, so that was probably fun!

Ricky – Ricky was also coming back from GDC and had tons of fun!


    • User profiles update out for open beta
    • New whitelist and operator management pages for the control panel
    • WGET page in the FTP File page now supports downloading from external servers.
    • Server file reset feature has had a revamp to be a little more friendly on a game by game basis.


For the first time ever, I’m going to bring you an update from Satisfactory, our newest game we provide servers for! The latest experimental patch provides bug fixes and introduces a new way to reset your account link status from Steam to Epic. This is not a necessary system for crossplay, and isn’t required whatsoever, so why does it matter?


Well, previously it was impossible for someone to reset their account linking status by themselves, and would require them to submit an unlink request to their support email. This should not be necessary anymore. If you changed your mind about a previous selection option, you can now reset it so you get the prompt again to choose or link your accounts. Nifty! You can read more about the changes on the official steam changelog.


Welp, that’s the week. Minecraft had a relatively impactful snapshot that added some long awaited content, as well as updating some features they teased, like Swift Sneak. Bug fixes are also nice. In regards to the team news, everyone seems to be doing fine. Some of us went on a trip to GDC, which sounds like fun! For Satisfactory, the devs managed to fix a long-persisting issue with account swapping, so that is nice. In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this week of news, and have a great day.

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