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Weekly News Digest #93 – March 18th, 2022

Posted: Mar 18, 2022 in Server Updates

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and welcome to the weekly news blog! I’m your host, Dave, and let’s just get straight into our topics. In regards to Minecraft, we actually have some fairly large news. In the latest Bedrock Beta, the Allay has been introduced!


That’s right. The mob vote from ever so long ago (not really, but still) is finally being implemented into the game. Unfortunately, we have no snapshot for you this week, but new content in the form of a Bedrock Beta. Beta brings forth quite a few new features. With this update, shulker duplication is now possible in Bedrock Edition. If you’re not sure familiar with shulker duplication, it’s an unlikely situation where shulkers hit each other, leading to the chance that another shulker may spawn. This makes shulkers somewhat farmable and renewable, given enough complexity to the farm. In any case, Bedrock players can now experience this.

But that’s not what you care about, right? The Allay is now here, and you can find them in Illager outposts. Randomly spawning in cages, the Allays can be freed, allowing them to fly around with some crispy animations. This new mob is quite graceful, and very cute. The Allay will collect fallen items depending on what item you’ve given it and drop them off at nearby note blocks. You can read more about the Allay and its functionality here.

Apex Haul

Team News


Stuart – Stuart is playing

Seth – Obviously, Seth agrees with me on Elden Ring being a masterpiece. Praise Miyazaki.

Daniel – Daniel just got Death Stranding. While Norman Reedus is cool, he can’t make the game better than Elden Ring. I’ll pass.

Santiago – Santiago is playing Atelier Ryza. Wrong JRPG, bro.

Antonio – Antonio is playing Forza Horizon 5, which is objectively the best racing game of all time, which makes it about half as good as Elden Ring.

Dave – Elden Ring.



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Community Gulp

japanese build

We’re back with the community gulp! Today, I wanted to show you a great looking build by reddit user LegendaryPorpy. In this build, you can see his awesome japanese style building showcased with a beautiful texture pack and shaders. I especially like the edges on the roof which arch upward and create what looks to be asian-esque spikes. You can check out LegendaryPorpy on reddit to see more of his awesome builds!


Welp, that’s the week! Not the most eventful, but never empty, like most weeks. The Allay has finally been implemented in some capacity, and we can expect to see it be fully functional in 1.19 the Wild Update. In regards to the Apex crew, they’re all doing ok. Unfortunately, not all of them play Elden Ring, so maybe they’re not that well off. Lastly, I showed you a fairly unique build

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