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Weekly News Digest #89 – February 18th, 2022

Posted: Feb 18, 2022 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Another week, another day! Welcome to the weekly news blog, and today we have some pretty mundane news, but you can count on Dave to bring it to you in the most explosive way possible! This week, we got a pretty standard content drop in the form of both a snapshot and a beta release! Now Java and Bedrock players can stop bickering, as they’re completely equal this week.


Snapshot 22w06a and Beta unironically change Minecraft to stop breaking the law. That’s right! Apparently, South Korea has a pretty strict law that states you games should do their best to encourage players against playing for too long. Now, Minecraft will warn South Koreans if they are playing to long and tell them to “go touch grass”. A little rude, but blunt is best as my grandfather always said! The snapshot also brought a few bug fixes, which is always great. The Bedrock Beta is a little more exciting as an update, changing frogs somewhat when it comes to tempting them with Slimeballs. Froglights are also changed to be easier to position when placing them properly, so they should work like wooden logs now. They also have a new texture, slightly.

Team News

We need to schedule a hootenany.

Nahuel – Nahuel is currently on German classes and is loving Monster hunter and God of War. I know that God of War in particular is super popular lately.

Octavio– Octavio will soon start playing Borderlands 3 with a friend soon, and he’s super excited for it.

Santiago – Santiago is playing Astral Chain and is thinking about moving to a new apartment. I wish him the best of luck!

Community Spotlight

piglin brute fanart

Check out this awesome fanart of the Piglin Brute from cardo_de_comer on Reddit. I love the coloring as well as the boxy hard-edged style that is reminiscent of Minecraft without fully committing to it. It’s really cool, and as always, I’m always surprised with the sheer talent of the community. Very cool!


That’s the week! Minecraft had a fairly eventful week with a typical update that changes some features for the upcoming 1.19 update. They even stopped the game from breaking a South Korean law, so that’s cool! The Apex team is doing ok, even though I wasn’t able to get much from most of them. Lastly, in the community spotlight we get a pretty good look at some awesome Minecraft fanart. I love it so much! I hope you enjoyed this week’s batch, and have a great day!

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