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Weekly News Digest #81 – December 24th, 2021

Posted: Dec 24, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


So I’ll start off this week with the blunt reality that there is no word on 1.19, let alone other updates to the game. What I will report on is the latest and greatest map coming to Java Edition. Minecraft is adding to its RTX showcase collection as Nvidia shows off its commissioned part of a charity fundraising campaign, the Winter World.

winter wonderland

Created by the notorious builder Ushio Tokura, who is known for working on other RTX showcase builds, this map involves festivities and holiday-themed joy beyond your wildest imagination! The map is set across three snowglobes: a winter wonderland, Santa’s village and winter environment. The world is around 38 acres large, which is just massive! Enjoy tons of attractions such as roller coasters, a village, ice-skating, penguin postal service, playable storylines, and quests with Santa himself.

Also, unlike most maps we showcase, this is actually accessible via Java Edition. Rather than use the Minecraft marketplace, you can download the map for free on Planet Minecraft.

Apex Haul


Minecraft videos

When you encounter the MEGA CREEPER.. – An animation inspired by the mutant beasts mod which showcases Steve scared out of his mind by a mutant Creeper. He then swiftly closes his game and uninstalls, as any reasonable man would.

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Team News


Sam – It’s too early.

Gergely – Gergely moved back home for the holidays.

Santiago – Santiago will be going back home for a week in a few days.

Erika – Erika made strawberry jam.

Aaron – Aaron got a new laptop. It’s significantly faster than the mac mini he had before, and he’s super happy about it. Also, his house will be buildable within the year so he might be spending Christmas somewhere new next year! Congratulations.

Khawaja – Khawaja has been busy doing calculus assignments with half-sleep.


ARK blasts onto the scene with an amazing new update in the form of The Lost Island FREE DLC! The Lost Island brings a plethora of new content with a new world, dinos, challenges, Aztec-inspired cities, and more. All for the low cost of zero dollars!

ARK Lost Island

Studio Wildcard has outdone themselves and you should definitely check out the latest update. In less exciting news, there was also a hotfix that fixed two client bugs.


That’s the week! Minecraft hasn’t really done anything exciting, but it is always great to see new content come out to showcase our advancements in video game technology. The Apex team is also having fun as usual, with everyone gearing up for the holidays. Lastly, ARK put out a spectacular update which I probably won’t play, but that’s only because I don’t own the game. I know, scorn me. In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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