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Weekly News Digest #78- Dec 3rd, 2021

Posted: Dec 3, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Oh sing from the heavens and rejoice gamers, because the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part II update is finally here! It has been a long journey, and we’ve been waiting for this update to release in its entirety for nearly a year now, but it has all been worth it.

caves and cliffs part 2

Despite all the bugs that are sure to exist due to this new generation, we are all more than excited to play around with the increased world height, new generation, cave biomes, and more. This has been a long time coming, and we’re bound to have loads of fun. If you want to, you can just stop reading here because I recommend you order a server and play for yourself. Good luck!

Apex Haul


Welcome Playerlands – This blog post goes over Playerlands, our newest awesome partner in crime! Playerlands is an amazing service that can offer your server its own fully functional online store. Learn more today!

latest and greatest

All the Gamerules in Minecraft – Learn about All the Gamerules in Minecraft with Apex Hosting

The squad just has too much skill 🏹 – One of our epic animations that showcases some members of our content team making the victory walk into the fountain after beating the Ender Dragon on the first attempt.

Good soup 👌 – Quite an odd video that has Steve forcibly extracting mushroom soup from a Mooshroom.

Team News

Where’s 1.18? As this was written on November 30th, we’re all just waiting!

Kyle – where 1.18

Santiago – Santiago got a book of his signed. Neat!

Daniel – Daniel got weights and a bench. He plans on getting swole, so good luck!

Eber – Eber got married! Congratulations!

Erika – Erika bought a Christmas tree. Less eventful, but still nice.


It’s been a hot minute since we’ve featured Valheim, but it looks like a new dev blog was pushed out and I totally want to go over it! It isn’t as exciting as Caves and Cliffs Part II, but it’s close! In the devs’ words “We have heard something strange is stirring in the Swamps, and brave vikings who dare to investigate will be rewarded with materials to craft something brand new.

valheim update
valheim update

Whatever these things are, they look awesome. The big Mistlands update actually now has a course set as the devs say they know the direction they are taking. They are working on caves for the Mountain biome, and even some inhabitants to occupy them. Lastly, the devs ended off their blog by kindly requesting you vote Valheim for Best Multiplayer as well as Best Debut Indie on the Game Awards. All of this looks very cool and they’ll be sure to get my vote!


Welp, that’s the week! 1.18 aka the Caves and Cliffs Update Part II is finally released, as it came out on the day this was written, November 30th. We will now commence the lengthy wait in anticipation of 1.19 The Wild Update. That will probably be fun! The Apex team is doing as good as usual, with one of us even getting married, so congratulations to them! Lastly, Valheim makes great progress and shows us some sneak peeks on the newest updates. The content looks awesome, especially in the caves. In any case, that’s everything, so have a great week!

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