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Weekly News Digest #76 – November 19th

Posted: Nov 19, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Oi! Welcome to the weekly news digest, where I do my best to explain the latest and greatest news as it comes in. First off, the usual. But this time, with a twist! 1.18 is kind of here with the release of 1.18 Pre Release 1! No longer shall we wait for snapshots or community updates, for we are in the endgame now.

pre release minecraft

1.18 Pre Release 1 brings a few changes. Amplified and Large biome worlds have now been adapted to the new terrain and are once again available. “Cave” and “Floating Islands” world types have been removed from the world creation screen. I don’t know why, since I actually quite dislike that change. The Transition between new and old terrain is now considered less “cliffy” which will hopefully help the surface height blend better. All in all, Mojang really wants you to make a new world after these changes rather than update a preexisting one. This on top of numerous bug fixes concludes the pre release.

Lastly, 1.18 actually has a release date! Whether or not there will be more pre releases before then is yet to be determined, but it is guaranteed that we will receive the update in its entirety on November 30th. It’s finally here!

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Best Minecraft Resource Packs – a list compiling all of the best resource packs in Minecraft, all of which have varied artstyles and such.

tinkers construct

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Team News

Bruh! It’s that time of the week!

Daniel – Daniel unfortunately broke his headphones and is working off of his sound system until he can get a new pair.

Santiago – Santiago is learning to drive and buying a car! Good luck!

Aaron – Aaron has started playing Pokemon again, and it’s probably fun.

Jigbon – The big man is attempting to become a professional Halo Infinite player. Sounds pretty difficult, but it sounds possible!

Community Gulp

Every once in a while we like to showcase some unique or interesting work made from the Minecraft community. Today, I would like to show you some awesome custom keycaps that were made by this creative individual on Reddit, ellienn.

ore keycaps

Each keycap is made to look like a different ore, with the keyboard’s built in RGB being used to illuminate the cutout sections of the keycap to give off the impression of a glowing ore. This is very cool, and I am quite fond of the Diamond one! If you’re interested in making your own ore keycaps, you can 3D print them using the given links in the reddit post.


Well, that’s the week! 1.18 is finally on its way in the door, with Mojang concluding the snapshot for Caves and Cliffs Part 2. Honestly, I’m glad that the update is finally releasing. I was beginning to think that the Caves and Cliffs update was nothing more than another one of my schizophrenic dissolutions. In any case, I’m glad to have informed you this week, and have a great day!

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