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Weekly News Digest #75 – November 12th

Posted: Nov 12, 2021 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Hello and good afternoon! Welcome to our weekly news blog, where we go over all the happenings and stuff that we notice throughout the week. First, let’s start off with the usual. Snapshot 21w44a adds new world generation below existing chunks, changes to how fluids are a part of simulation distance settings, and numerous bug fixes.


Now, a new world generation is inserted under existing chunks when upgrading a world to the new world height. An Online options screen has been added where you can find the Realms Notification option and Difficulty when on a server. Also, an Allow Server Listings option was added to opt-out of having your name displayed in server listings. This on top of numerous bug fixes concludes the snapshot.

Apex Haul


The Best Minecraft Shaders – A list of the best Minecraft shaders along with explanations for what makes them unique/special.

weekly videos

Steve may have the high ground but a skeleton has a bow 🏹 – A pretty cool animation that reenacts the scene from Episode III of Star Wars where Anakin and Obi-Wan finish the duel of fates. But this time, things play out a little differently…
How To Find Diamonds in Minecraft – This could not be more self-descriptive, but this is a guide that teaches you how to find diamonds in Minecraft!
Depth Strider in Minecraft – What it is and How to Obtain It – This video goes over the enchantment Depth Strider, what it is, and how to obtain it.

Team News

I’m a bit exhausted, but the news must go on!

Daniel – Daniel got a Switch and began playing a couple games.

Santiago – Santiago has to RMA his monitor because of stuck pixels. That sucks.

Nathan – Nathan has worked a lot more due to school, but says that when he’s not doing that he’s been playing games.

Sam – Sam lost $70 in crypto. Unfortunate!


Every now and then, we actually do get updates for this epic survival PvP shooter. Rust has a decent patch in the form of the MLRS & Desert Base Update.

mlrs desert military rust

It adds MLRS, four desert military base monuments, MLRS ammo, and a targeting module. There were also numerous improvements made to gameplay. Undo Redo support for paintings, hits registering in the combat log, hand gestures being usable while crouching, reduced horse dung, and more. Oh, yeah, and they also removed all of the Halloween-themed stuff. This on top of numerous bug fixes concludes the update.


That’s the news! It definitely wasn’t the most interesting haul we’ve had, but it’s still something. I feel like a broken record when I say I’m a broken record, but 1.18 is once again closer than ever! The Apex team is also as joyous as ever, with little to no issues besides a few lost bucks over crypto. Rust also has a cool new update with an awesome vehicle, and I can’t wait to launch missiles on someones’ crappy temp-base. In any case, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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