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Weekly News Digest #153 – June 9th, 2023

Posted: Jun 9, 2023 in Server Updates

mc head By Dalton Whalen


Hey hey, it’s Dave! Coming at you again with yet another splendorous week of awesome news with Apex Hosting. Now, I can’t promise anything too exciting, but we got quotas, people! And I’ll be damned if I’m not here to report in case if anything crazy does happen. How about we get started with the Minecraft news.

Trails and Tales Released

1.20 has released! I know, pretty insane. With the new content out, feel free to explore the latest update to your heart’s content. Camels, flowers, bamboo, cherry blossom trees, bookshelves, armor trims, and so much more make up the newest Tales and Trails. Or was it Trails and Tales? I don’t remember.

Team News

Tons happening behind the scenes, but you don’t get to hear about most of it.

Zachary – Zachary just got a new desk, which is great! But he’s not so excited to do all the cable management involved. Unfortunate!

Dave – My internet is out, so I’m working from my phone. It’s super annoying, but oh well!

Matt – Matt has two lovely cats which he considers “le floofs”. One called Tiger, and the other dubbed Princess Cakerton III.

Fox – Fox is looking for a good Dino mod for Minecraft. Unfortunately, I think Jurrasicraft is the only prominent one.


The Rust developers never fail to impress me. Whether it be their neverending philanthropy or their seemingly unending updates packed with content, the game just gets better and better every month. And with the most recent update, seems that tune hasn’t changed one bit.

Rust Bags to Battles Update

With the most recent update, Bags to Battles, sleeping bags have now been given a maximum limit of 15 per player. To a non-player, this may seem like an insignificant change, but it most certainly is not. For high level Rust gameplay, utilizing dozens of spawn points in the form of sleeping bags is commonplace. Your bags are often destroyed by opposing groups of players, and having backup points spread throughout the map is essential for raiding and defending your base.

The developers talked about they did not make this change lightly, and how they believe that despite how much it will impact the current playstyle of many players, that it will lead to a healthier experience in the long run. Ultimately, the Dev team wants death to be more impactful, with lasting repercussions. On a side note, some UI features were added to improve clarity on the location of your sleeping bags.


Them’s the bits. The Minecraft community is most definitely satisfied, getting back to a normal update schedule compared to the incessant ‘Part 1s’ or ‘Part 2’s of the Caves and Cliffs fiasco. This latest update, while not the most impactful, is solid and appreciated. Rust also makes some bold moves with its balance update on spawning, shifting the PvP scene forever, assuming it sticks. Regardless, it’s been a great week, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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