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Weekly News Digest #152 – June 2nd, 2023

Posted: Jun 2, 2023 in Company News

mc head By Kevin Lott


Oi! It’s your boy Dave, here again for yet another week of goated news. This is the Apex Hosting news blog, bringing you all your awesome gaming and server hosting news bundled up into this half decent package, ready to read. How about we get started with the Minecraft news?

Do you want the release date of Minecraft 1.20? Well, I do! Before that though, 1.20 Pre release 7 has dropped! This pre release has some simple changes along with just one bug fix! A single bug fix? Yeah, that’s right! Apparently, Bamboo Mosaic Slabs and Stairs were not in the slabs or stairs item tags. Anyway, the release date! 1.20 Trails and Tales will be dropping on June 7th! Get excited! From the hanging signs, to the chiseled bookshelves, to armor trimming, to camels, and so much more! This update is definitely going to be one of the best yet!

Team News

The new Minecraft update is so close I can almost taste it!

Joseph – Joseph claimed the first Ender Dragon kill on our Minecraft server! Nice job, Joseph!

Dave – I’ve been super sick sleeping in bed for multiple days on end. I still feel kinda terrible, but we’re getting there!

Dalton – Dalton has been playing tons of Tears of the Kingdom and is enjoying it to the fullest. Lowkey, this game looks like it’ll win GOTY easily.


ARK is the quintessential dino-infested survival game that we have all grown to know and love, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The age of twilight looms over this game’s future as ARK 2 sets in, and so ARK is receiving its last content update forever.

This is the final update that ARK will ever receive. Arriving in June for ARK’s 8th Anniversary, the final content update will include the fan voted Rhyniognatha! The Rhyniognatha is a super-sized creature with a set of unique abilities. From producing a quick-hardening resin to being capable of carrying large objects around your base, these versatile creatures provide an unparalleled enhancement to your tribe’s defenses.


That’s the week! The Minecraft community is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated 1.20 update, Trails and Tales, is set to release on June 7th. With a plethora of new features, including hanging signs, chiseled bookshelves, armor trimming, and the introduction of camels, this update promises to be one of the best yet. Additionally, the ARK community faces a bittersweet moment as the game receives its final content update in June, marking the end of an era. The introduction of the fan-voted Rhyniognatha brings a unique and versatile creature to the game, enhancing tribe defenses and providing a memorable farewell to the ARK franchise. Exciting times lie ahead for both Minecraft and ARK players, as they embark on new adventures and create lasting memories in these beloved games.

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